Coronavirus will cause $ 100 billion loss to Hollywood

The postponement of a production date alone will cost about $ 240 million
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Hollywood is being severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic and could suffer a billionaire loss of almost $ 20 billion, approximately $ 100 billion.

The box office worldwide has already lost 7 billion dollars due to launches that had to be postponed. In addition, many films that were still being recorded had to have their productions temporarily cancelled. If this situation remains the same for the next few months, the lost profit will be even greater.

The postponement of "007: No Time to Die", which went from April to November, will cost the studio about $ 240 million in terms of the postponement and marketing to the new date. Around the world, many people are also facing cinemas being closed, or choosing to avoid them through practising the advised social distancing technique.  

 Other productions have also had their debuts postponed and some that were in progress have been stopped.

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