Gosha Rubchinskiy is Collaborating with Diesel

The Russian streetwear designer is the latest to create a collection for the denim pioneer's Red Tag series.
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Gosha Rubchinskiy's post-Soviet streetwear is coming to Diesel. A year after leaving his mark on British heritage with a Burberry collaboration, the designer has signed on to create the next collection for the denim brand's Red Tag project, contributing to a continued quest to highlight the zeitgeist.

The Fall 2019 collection, entitled Diesel Red Tag x GR-Uniforma, will debut May 9 at the Venice Biennale art festival. Fitting to the surrounding event, Rubchinskiy will not unveil the collection with a traditional runway show, but instead is creating an exclusive art performance. Given his crafty history of nontraditional shows and the business support he has from Comme des Garçons' Adrian Joffe, it's sure to be an intriguing blend of the designer's contemporary Russian streetwear commentary and an over-the-top creative event.

Rubchinskiy marks the third chapter in Diesel's Red Tag project, following collections from Shayne Oliver and Y-Project's Glenn Martens. The brand continues to tap some of today's most buzzworthy names in streetwear, finding guest designers who blend genuine creativity with a penchant for viral aesthetics. The new announcement also comes two weeks after Diesel launched their Be a Follower campaign, which starred Instagram influencers, poking fun at the stereotype of a lazy, underachieving social media generation.

It seems Diesel has truly found success in tapping into the world of streetwear crazes, following campaigns like last year's knockoff pop-up at Canal Street. While only the art performance will reveal what Rubchinskiy's vision for the denim brand looks like, he will surely build on this agenda with his graphic basics and social commentary.

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