Hatem Alakeel launches new Zebra Collection

The Art of Balance and Blending Opposites: Alakeel's latest men’s collection juxtaposes sportswear chic with the polished elegance of Hatem Alakeel shirts.
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The new collection from Alakeel is versatile, fun and moves easily from casual to more formal events.

As the designer explains: "Fashion today is more about individual style than it is about trends and being tied down to the obvious. But whatever the style is, fashion must always have an element of surprise and versatility. For example, the Kimono shirts in this collection have adjustable collars that can switch the shirt from formal to casual."

He continues, discussing the zebra motifs within the collection: "The biggest element of surprise comes from the Arabic calligraphy in the shape of a zebra which adorns some of the pieces. Zebras are symbols of community, freedom, balance, and individualism.Among many other things, zebras symbolism denotes that things are not as cut and dry as black or white, right or wrong. Everything in this world must have a balance. Every aspect of life requires balance."

The Zebra Collection was shot in Spain at Barcelona’s landmark Park De la Ciutadella. Take a further look at the collection in the gallery below. For more information, visit


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