How to wear chinos this season

Chinos are your most practical and versatile trouser.
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How to Wear Chinos with a T-shirt

Chinos work well with a block colour t-shirt and white sneakers. When wearing a t-shirt with chinos, avoid dress shoes. Stick to sneakers or boat shoes as your t-shirt indicates a casual look so you need to dress down your footwear too. With casual t-shirt looks, you can go bolder with your chino choice and brands such as Celio have a whole array of colours to choose from. Maybe even a nice rustic orange or blue.

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How to Wear Chinos with a Shirt

A chino and shirt combo is a great option for a lot of offices here in the UAE outside the formal industries like banking, consultancy and legal. Chinos with a shirt is a comfortable way to go about your job whilst retaining a smartish respectable look. Because the look is informal it helps make you appear approachable so works great in team working environments!

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How to Wear Chinos with a Jacket

For a more polished appearance but more relaxed than a suit, a jacket and chinos is an ideal combination. To dress your chinos up, treat them like dress trousers. You can also get extra preppy by wearing a dress shirt, silk knit tie, sport coat, and leather loafers.

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