Modern Masculinity: Zegna's FW19 Collection

Ermenegildo Zegna seeks to re-define masculinity with the 'What Makes A Man' campaign
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Perhaps one word to describe the times we live in would be upheaval. Political, economic, cultural… Sometimes it seems as if nothing can be taken for certain anymore. Identities that were once considered set in stone are now being turned upside-down and inside-out. Especially those surrounding the concept of gender. What we thought we knew about being a woman or a man has been thrown out the window, labelled as rigid and obsolete. Masculinity, in particular, has come under fire in recent years.

It couldn’t be more timely for Ermenegildo Zegna to step up to the plate. For over a century Zegna has been a specialist in luxury menswear, adopting an ever-changing mindset to keep up with the times. Now, the brand is taking a new direction with the idea of masculinity, moving past the toxic stereotypes to seek a new definition of the term.

Centred on the question of ‘what makes a man’, Zegna has launched a new campaign to open up a conversation on the issue. According to Zegna, masculinity is a state of mind and not a set of given rules. It is fluid, sensitive, and uninhibited. It isn’t stoic or steely, but rather true masculinity is where vulnerability is courage, patience is strength, and love is power.

The campaign stars two-time Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali and multi-hyphenate actor, singer, and entrepreneur Nicholas Tse. As men who have worked towards embracing their individuality and challenging the stereotypes placed on them, they embody the many shades of masculinity. It isn’t just for celebrities, though. With the hashtag #whatmakesaman, Zegna invites men and women all over the world to join in the discussion and take part in the movement. So why not get started?


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