Never Say Never Again: A Tribute to the Legend - Sean Connery

L'Officiel Arabia met with Michele Morrone in Dubai to discuss his magical and crazy past one year. We discussed his upcoming music album, movie, new perfume and his tech company " Halahi".
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L'Officiel Arabia: This shoot with L'Officiel Hommes is a tribute to Sean Connery - how does it feel to be able to pay a tribute to the legend?

Michele Morrone: I feel honored to pay tribute to this legend, he has left an unforgettable footprint in the cinema industry and I look up to him. I am also honored to be doing it with L’Officiel Arabia.


LOA: Which was the first Sean Connery movie you saw and what impression it left on you?

MM: 007 Of course, I remember watching the fight scenes and copying them when I was younger. But that movie and that legend gave me the power to follow my dreams.


LOA: 365 days has been a huge hit worldwide, how did you bag the role of Massimo Torcelli?

MM: I was a Gardner a year ago, it’s crazy how your life can change overnight, but I won’t call it luck because acting was my passion since I was a child and I always worked towards accomplishing that dream. The producer of 365 days chose me to play the role without casting me, I refused in the beginning but then decided to take that leap of faith and I am glad I did because that train ride changed my life.


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LOA: Tell us more about AurumRoma?

MM: AurumRoma is a swimwear brand. It’s a fusion between the Roman history and the perfection of quality. I wanted to create a brand that made women feel beautiful and comfortable. It’s also what Michele Morrone thinks would look good on a woman.


LOA: How has the current pandemic affected you?

MM: This pandemic was a blessing from the skies because it taught me so much about life, about myself and about my priorities. I had enough time on my own to release all my creativity juices.


LOA: You are a social media sensation - tell us about your social media journey so far?

MM: After the movie was released on Netflix, I went to sleep that night with 45k followers. When I woke up the next day, my Instagram crashed and I found out that I have 2.1 million followers overnight. I am humbled and blessed to have so many people that love me, support me and believe in me on my Instagram.


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LOA: Have you been to the UAE before or is this your first time? How has been your experience in the UAE?

MM: This is my fourth visit I love the UAE. It is safe, beautiful, kind and visionary. The reason I come to Dubai a lot is because I own three companies here and my business partners are based in Dubai. Most of my visits here are work related.


LOA: What next for Michele Morrone?

MM: I am full of surprises. But right now I am working on my new album, preparing for my next movie, growing my tech company “Halahi” and preparing to release my new perfume. I hope I did not forget anything (laughs).

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LOCATION Habtoor Palace LXR

Talent Michele Morrone

Styled By MA Consultancy

Assistant Stylist Martina Pierrucci

Photographer Lughass

Director Samir Aboukhadija

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