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Paulo Exequiel Dybala is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward for Serie A club Juventus and the Argentina national team.L'Officiel Arabia met with 'La Joya', as he is popularly known as, to discuss his inspirations in life and his journey so far.
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L'Officiel Arabia: When did you realise you wanted to be a footballer?

Paulo Exequiel Dybala: Being a player has always been my dream since I was a child. I started on soccer fields in Argentina and have never stopped. There is no a precise moment because even my mom always tells me that football and playing football was something I have done since I was very young.


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LOA: Tell us about your journey so far to becoming a successful footballer?

PED: My journey started - as I said - from an early age from the soccer fields of Cordoba in Argentina, then I had the opportunity to come and play in Europe which has always been a dream for me. And I arrived in Italy at Palermo and then at Juventus where I am now in the seventh season, where I won Championships and the Coppa Italia and Super Coppa. I am happy to have scored over 100 goals, but I still have a lot of goals to achieve and accomplish in my playing career.


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LOA: Who has been your inspiration in life and career?

PED: I have never really been inspired by anyone in my career as a footballer, I have always tried to grow and look with respect for many champions, but I have always tried to improve myself. (When I was little my father always took me to training and he was a source of inspiration for me).


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LOA:  'La Joya', how do you feel you've been referred to by this name?

PED: The name ‘La Joya’ which means jewel was given to me for the first time in Argentina at Laguna Larga by a journalist who saw me play in the Instituto, my team. It is a nickname that I like. Moreover I can add that in Italy the word actually sounds like Joy, happiness, but it actually means jewel. Then in Palermo they also assigned me the nickname "Picciriddu", which means little boy.


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LOA: Have you ever been to the UAE? If yes, how was your experience?

PED: Yes, of course I have been there several times both as a tourist and for some important soccer matches. I love travelling, seeing new places, learning about new cultures. I will be happy to return soon. The whole Middle East area fascinates me.

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LOA: What next for Paulo Dybala?

PED: I always live looking to the future and thinking about the goals I would like to achieve; to be an important Juventus player and to grow as a person, as a man. I still have many goals to achieve both in my team and in the National team. I love playing for my country, it makes me feel closer to my homeland, to my origins. Of course I dream of winning a World Cup, just as I would like to win the Champions League. I work every day to achieve these results.

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