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Meet Alessandro Forte and Stefano Ottone
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Alessandro Forte and Stefano Ottone, Founders of GLASSING

Luxury eyewear brand, GLASSING came to life in the golden sands of Ibiza in 2010 where two native Italians, Alessandro Forte and Stefano Ottone chose to pursue their passion and launch an eyewear brand that would become the ultimate luxury accessory for the world traveler. GLASSING currently has four flagship stores in Italy in the cities of Milan, Portofino, Taormina and Capri.  

The brand has also an outlet and a store in the form of a real yacht-completely customized to the brand’s image and fully functional as a retail unit making it the first floating optical store ever!

GLASSING is currently distributed in more than 1500 selected optical stores and world luxury boutiques, as well as in high-end department stores: Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Holt Renfrew, Excelsior, Galeries LaFayette and Twist. 

The contemporary eyewear brand has become a favorite among A-list celebrities and the jet-set elite and also boasts a Glassing Design Lab, which has been home to creative collaborations with the likes of A.C. Milan Fútbol Club and Adidas.

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L’O: Please tell us about your background.

Alessandro: I have the passion for fashion and technology. I believe that in 
your life you have to try and be surrounded by beautiful "things" that make you smile each time you look or hold them. Accessories are important, however the interior design of your home, your car, your workspace is also important. Glasses are part of your daily life, and it is important that they are not only functional but equally as beautiful.

Stefano: I worked in my grandpa's company for a few years. He created big mechanicals machinery for all kinds of industry. This is where my passion for creating was born. Now we are creating beautiful pieces that add value to your daily life.

L’O: When you came up with the idea of creating your brand, what made you think glasses would be perfect product to start with?

Alessandro: We used to go to Ibiza very often for holidays. Since we were spending so much time there every summer, we decided to turn it into business. It was kind of obvious that sunglasses were the most requested piece of accessory on a hot island – so we decided to take a chance and create that perfect product.

Stefano: As Ale has already mentioned, given that sunglasses were the most wanted accessory in Ibiza and my experience in industrial machinery and their operation, we decided that it would be the perfect business idea.

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L’O: How does your working day look like?

Alessandro: I have no regular working day since I think about our business 24/7. We work everywhere we go whether it is in the office, factory, meetings at coffee shops. You cannot restrict yourself to office hours as opportunities arise any time and moment of the day.

Stefano: I start my days by calling our suppliers and checking for updates on our productions. I often spend a few days traveling to the factories and doing the quality control myself. I also discuss the ideas our team has about the products since it is always good to have fresh opinion. I also speak with our employees because I believe that anyone could have great ideas, even if it's not experienced in that argument. 

L’O: Who designs your glasses? Where are they produced?

Alessandro: All of our products are exclusively made in Italy as we know our suppliers personally and thanks to this, we can attend to all production process so that we can fix any production problems immediately.

Stefano: The styles and design are always projected by us. Everything happens inside our office, from style creating to lenses colors choosing. Also important designers, for example Mr. Giulio Masciocchi often collaborates with us in the creation of exclusive projects following our inspirations.

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What makes Glassing glasses unique?

Alessandro & Stefano: The unique design and the story behind our brand.

L’O: How many collections per year do you have?

Alessandro & Stefano: Usually 3 collections each year.

L’O: Your favorite glasses from the latest Glassing collection?

Alessandro: Base2 Psico Gold.

Stefano: Baguette Black from Prismik collection.

L’O: Always with your glasses on when…

Alessandro: Every time I leave my house.

Stefano: In the club.

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L’O: Top tree party destinations?

Alessandro: 1. IBIZA 2. LONDRA 3. ROMA

Stefano: 1. IBIZA 2. DUBAI 3. TOKYO

L’O: Which movie character would be perfect with Glassing glasses on?

Alessandro: Dominic Toretto from "Fast & Furious”.

Stefano: T-800 from "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" - the best movie ever made.

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L’O: What can we expect from Glassing in 2020?

Alessandro: This year we are focusing on improving our brand awareness through many collaborations with different artists and brands from all over the world. New projects are coming so follow our Instagram page!

Stefano: We are also looking for new way to develop beautiful shapes using new eco-friendly materials because I think our community must face the pollution problem and start to changing their acts and their daily routines as soon as possible, and in my opinion a common accessorize as 
sunglasses but made with our style could help starting mind change. 

*All images: Courtesy of Glassing


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