The New Animated World of Louis Vuitton

In the first episode, Virgil Abloh presents a new concept for the French brand's Spring/Summer 2021 men's collection.
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Excerpt from The Adventures of Zoooom with Friends , 2020. Directed by Virgil Abloh and animated by Reggie Know / Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

In a virtual journey to new universes, Virgil Abloh, the artistic director of Louis Vuitton men's collections, has redesigned the classic format of the fashion show into a unique experience. Under the name Une Bouteille à la Mer, the collection will be gradually presented at a series of international events that will last until the end of the year. The tour will start from Paris and go on to Shanghai and Tokyo, in a show of diversity, inclusiveness and unity. The delivery proposes a multi-faceted recycling initiative through its creative platforms proposing an evolutionary exchange between cultures and nations that embraces the brand's global community. In a fluid dialogue between the Maison and its audience, the message will transcend the "traditional" rules of the fashion industry and the temporality of its collections as we know them.

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As the first chapter of this transcultural journey without limitations, Abloh combines reality and virtuality in an animated short film where music and colour are the main actors. Named The Adventures of Zoooom with Friends, the episode begins in Asnières' atelier on the outskirts of Paris and develops in a particular way the beginning of the journey to Shanghai of the containers that keep the firm's Spring/Summer 2021 collection. On board a ship and with a crew animated by Reggie Know, the illustrated characters are called Zoooom with Friends, whose leading role in this incognito journey is a nod to Abloh's favourite theme, the vision of the world through the eyes of a child.

In a colourful narrative, the containers navigate to the rhythm of the musical score played by SA-RA along the River Seine towards the outskirts of the French capital, establishing the premise for the evolution of this new collection.


The Adventures of Zoooom with Friends
The Adventures of Zoooom with Friends by Virgil Abloh for Men’s Spring-Summer 2021| LOUIS VUITTON

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