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Biophilia and the power of plants

Awake your senses with Dwell
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It is our human desire to connect with the earth and draw from its healing powers. Our connection with nature is a deep and psychological one, and is often termed as biophilia; our affinity towards nature, and we go about replicating this connection using greenery and floral themed decors. It is visible in the lush green colour that we use for a vase or in the elaborate naturesque embroidery that we have on our cushions and curtains. Whatever it is, a piece of earth brings us harmony like no other. This specific bond has often been utilised by designers to create deeper connections with spaces, essentially turning houses into homes!

Below, the experts from decor and home furniture brand, Dwell, share their tips on choosing the right floral design and plants for your decor:


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Perfect Blooms

Using florals in home decor is one form of accessorising that will never lose its allure.  Almost any room in the house can be perfected with the right choice of bloom, whether faux or real. To amplify your room aesthetic, opt for faux flowers that help bring the earthly beauty inside, and brighten up the space. The best florals for the decor are the ones that serve as an accent without being too trite. They are bright and elegant, illuminating the decor of the space without overpowering it. The Peony Arrangement in Glass Vase, is perfectly suited to bring forth a burst of colour with its stunning arrangement and style.


1633106158893697 peony arrangement in glass vase 669 aed
Peony Arrangement in Glass Vase

Green Statements

The design aesthetic of your house can largely impact the size and style of the foliage you choose. Large plants make a perfect statement, and are perfect for minimalistic interior decors that  focus on  emphasising certain design aspects  without overcrowding the room. Olive trees, for instance, have earned their spot as the prettiest houseplants, both aesthetically and symbolically, and are a great addition to minimalistic spaces.


1633106283701910 olive tree 2789 aed

Playing with nature’s colour scheme

There are endless ways to incorporate florals to home decor. Whether that be through bright paintings, eccentric vases, curtains and bedsheets designed with lush green foliage, the earthy nature-like feel boasts our mood and rejuvenates our soul. Opt for Dwell’s Bloomr Square Box With Flower Lid for a stunning touch, or  Wilhelmina King Duvet Cover & Fitted Set that’s adorned with earthly images for a refreshing new take on biophilic decor.

1633106349322074 bloomr square box with flower 223 aed
Bloomr Square Box With Flower Lid
1633106376860033 wilhelmina king duvet cover fitted set 899 aed
Wilhelmina King Duvet Cover & Fitted Set

Finally, do not clutter. While placing the items, make sure you don’t club all of them together without proper placement or thought. Keep an open plan, giving the design enough space to breathe and flow!

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