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Five reasons to visit Slovenia in 2020

The central European nation is just a five hour flight from the Middle East, here are some of our top reasons for visiting...
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International sporting events: 

World Cup events for six key sports will be taking place in Slovenia this year, including alpine skiing, biathlon, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and ski jumping, culminating in the FIS Ski Flying World Championship in Planica. Cycling and running competitions will take centre stage in the warmer summer months of the year too. 

A  mix of fun festivals 

Festivals in Slovenia are spread throughout the year, but most take place in during the summer. Get to know Slovenian traditions and customs at a mix of festivals. There's something for everyone from music festivals, theatre, dance, fine arts other artistic events. There's even a fairytale festivities for children to enjoy. From music festivals, performance and visual arts celebrations, to special winter festivals in Slovenia, there is something for all travellers.

A diverse range of concerts

Experience unforgettable moments at concerts from world-renowned performers in Slovenia. Major concerts are set to take place in Ljubljana throughout the year.  

A delicious range of culinary experiences

Slovenia has been nominated as a contender for the title of 2021 European Region of Gastronomy. The beauty of Slovenia's landscape is reflected in the country's cuisine. In one day you can taste completely different dishes with a culinary character of the region they come from. 

 New adventures to experience

You will certainly not be bored when visiting Slovenia.Try a kayaking adventure through the underground water routes of Mount Peca, make a getaway into the treetops at Garden Village Bled, visit the famous Slovenian caves, visit Ljubljana castle or go to a gastronomic adventure to experience the olive oil industry in Slovenia. 

Check out the gallery below, for more information, visit Slovenia Info. 


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