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Five steps to creating a beautiful table setting this Fall

Tap into your inner interior designer and make the meal an unforgettable experience.
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Fall is here, bringing with it many celebrations, including Halloween, National Days, Christmas and New Year, to name but a few. With this in mind it is time to get your table setting ready for the winter months ahead with festive-inspired accessories from the lifestyle and home-fashion brand, aura. 

From exquisite porcelain dellahs, pastel inspired coffee and teacups, and gold-accented trays, to name but a few, aura's festive accessories create the perfect touch to any table. Here are aura's top five tips to creating a beautiful dining experience over the comings months:


Choose a complimentary theme  

The key to a memorable dining experience lies in the charming layout of your table - the aura Jamun table is hero this season. First and foremost, ensure to pick a colour palette that suits your home and style. For example, if your decor is minimalist in its layout or palette you will only need a touch of colour. Try pairing blue dining ware with pristine whites for an ultimate chic look. 

Go for Gold 

A symbol of pure luxury, and celebration, gold glams up your table for a lavish exquisite aesthetic. No matter your colour scheme, gold is the perfect accent. Serve Arabic coffee from golden dellahs or have guests dine using gold plated cutlery to embody the Festive spirit of generosity and hospitality. Don't forget you can amp up the wow factor with bold tableware that features striking gold Arabic typography.

Mix  and Match

For those with bold tastes, mixing and matching materials is a great creative outlet. Combine gold, silver and bronze accents for a striking aesthetic. Choose aura’s Aree tableware set amongst wide metallic gold vases for an eye-catching display. By using different materials and textures each element is thoroughly complimented by the contrast created.

Flower Power

We, of course, cannot overlook the floral arrangements on a table. As important as finding the perfect floral bouquet, so is choosing the right vase to place them in. From aura's Petro Vases to Jobe collection, aura’s range of graceful pieces has something for everyone’s taste.

Finishing touches

Accessories such as vases and decorative objects help you personalize your table for the fall season ahead. Remember that adding too many items can make a space feel cluttered. Instead, focus on a small number of accessories that work well with your style, colour scheme and the shape of your dining table. A single centrepiece works well on a smaller round table, whereas larger, rectangular tables may be able to hold two or three well-placed decorative objects. 

Dreamy Dining Setup

1603183555071813 aura jamun collection 2
aura - Jamun Collection

The Final Touches

1603183727956598 aura jamun collection
aura - Jamun Collection

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