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Giuseppe Viganò’s timeless Italian furniture collection

How an Italian visionary defined a style
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Award winning Giuseppe Viganò is a talented designer who designs furniture for Bonaldo.

Viganò dedicated his work to the industrial design of furniture products and to the artistic direction of companies in the sector. He design permanent and temporary installations in furniture stores or temporary spaces for specific events, and intervenes personally indicating the choice of products and the study of scenography.

Viganò launched his collaboration with Bonaldo in 2004 with the Squaring bed, which would become one of the company’s most popular products. His pieces follow a pattern based on energetic combinations of lines and an industrial design orientation. Strict shapes dominate his pieces that exude practicality while remaining edgy and stylish – in true Bonaldo form.

Among the popular pieces made for Bonaldo there is the TL table, awarded the "Good Design Award” in 2015.


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Giuseppe Vigano's designs pay incredible attention to detail and have a playful use of geometry that makes eye-catching focal points in a contemporary setting. When Vigano gets a design idea, it usually is for a whole collection instead of just one product for added appeal.

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