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In The Mood: Christofle Taps Pharrell Williams For Limited Edition MOOD Collection

Together with chef Jean Imbert, Pharrell Williams has put his spin on the egg-shaped MOOD silverware collection by Christofle
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First launched in 2015, the MOOD silverware collection by Christofle quickly gained cult status as a must-have for the home with its charming egg-shaped design. Now, the MOOD has been made even more covetable with an update by the one and only Pharrell Williams. Together with acclaimed French chef Jean Imbert, Williams has reimagined the elliptical design according to his key values of friendship, creativity, celebration, and sharing.

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Hued in a vivid shade of yellow to evoke joy (yellow is also Williams’ favourite colour), the lacquer-coated steel case is decorated with cartoon drawings of family and friends to represent friendship, with Williams and Imbert depicted as amiable hosts, suggesting a spirit of conviviality. The limited edition design comes in a 6-piece version with espresso spoons as well as a more expansive 24-piece iteration with enough utensils for up to 6 guests. Embodying a core belief for Christofle and the duo alike, the word ‘share’ is engraved on the handle of each piece of silverware in Williams’ own handwriting, featuring different colours like red, green, yellow, and blue. Take a closer look below:

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The MOOD x Pharrell Williams & Jean collection is available now in Christofle stores and online at

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