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The Nightfall Group starts its expansion in the Middle East

Mokhtar Jabli, CEO behind the $1billion plus portfolio of luxury rentals begins expansion into the Middle East with the Nightfall Group.
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Traveling has been a vital part of the human experience since the beginning of time. Whether it’s by air, travel, sea voyage, or land transportation, we as a species have advanced incredibly in our creative ways of journey. Once safe and guaranteed travel became an easier accomplishment, we were then faced with one more unique challenge, making the action of travel just as enjoyable as the exciting destination that we’re headed to. For The Nightfall Group, this has been a challenge well accepted and now they’re on a mission to give clients an experience they could never imagine.

With a vision created by Mokhtar Jabli, 29 year old Moroccan born entrepreneur, Jabli saw an obvious need in the private luxury travel market for something going beyond that of a regular high end travel concierge. The Nightfall Group has a $1+ billion inventory of high end homes, and a luxury concierge service that curates an experience for high net worth individuals that are looking for unique travel experiences from start to finish with every need and want accounted for.

This Beverly Hills based company is the epitome of luxury. From the newest Rolls Royces and fully serviced private jets, to villas staffed with renowned private chefs that make you feel like you're still dreaming while having breakfast in bed. With over 1000 rental properties in the most desired yet discrete areas all over the world, there is never a shortage of experiences to have. Through a plethora of modern homes with infinity pools, city or landscape views, indoor movie theatres, and spa sanctuaries; getting right off the private jet, and stepping right into a Bel-Air Mansion to then get back to work in a new environment - there truly is something for every want and need.

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The incredibly sought after rental portfolio is available at, along with chauffeur services, exotic rentals, yacht charters, venue rentals, and so much more; you’ll have to see for yourself. “The question is not if we will meet our clients’ expectations but rather how far we will exceed them'' The Nightfall Group states. The next time you travel, you may want to ask yourself, am I about to embark on a journey that is truly an experience from start to finish? If not, now you know The Nightfall Group is ready to give you what you’ve been always looking for.

Discover more at, as well by following them on instagram @TheNightfallGroup

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