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Natuzzi’s Buddie collection – the Italian version of contemporary

“Telling stories with different poetic inspirations” - Mauro Lipparini
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Mauro Lipparini

Internationally renowned architect and designer Mauro Lipparini is recognised as a leading innovator in the field of Italian minimalism. Honored in such worldwide competitions as the Good Design® Global Awards, Lipparini builds on an aesthetic foundation of bold forms and decisive lines, employing a range of colours, textures, and visual concepts that imbue his work with a distinctive spirit of pleasure and possibility.

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The Buddie collection is more of an ecosystem than a group of pieces. The theme that runs through the veins of Buddie is customisation and modulation in a contemporary setting. The abacus of Buddie is made of seven different modules which can be combined according to the needs of each, to form linear sofas, corner sofas, relaxation islands, symmetrical or asymmetrical compositions, and visionary or more conventional appearances. It is all about personalization and a depiction of a designer’s ethos.


Buddie Collection – Leather

Once the shapes have been formed, Buddie goes deeper with an array of different materials to define your personal style. First and foremost is the standard leather collection. Leather is classic Italian craftsmanship and unmistakably a standard that Natuzzi Italia strives for.


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1633105050366431 natuzzi italia buddie by mauro lipparini 01
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Buddie Collection – Fabric

Available in leather and fabric versions, Buddie expresses its light-hearted spirit with covers from the Water collection, the new textile project created for Natuzzi by the Dutch textile innovation studio ByBorre. Inspired by the movement of the Mediterranean Sea, the Water design adds ae edgy and modern look to the classic collection elevating the mood and adding fluidity to the pieces.

1633105130450455 natuzzi italia buddie by mauro lipparini 02
1633105182903975 natuzzi italia buddie by mauro lipparini 05

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