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Ready to go back to work or work from home?
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Upgrade your workspace with these styling tips from Janaika Elders, the founder of Urban Nest, showcasing some small but very effective adjustments.


1. Create your study or work space

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Did you do a lot of work from your bed last year? Super nice of course, but not as effective as at a desk, make your space unique by adding a functional and stylish desk. For example, the Pillar Side Table in black. It does not take up much room and can also be used as a sideboard or even a dressing table. Super convenient!


2. Don't forget about comfort

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You spend most of the day at your desk, so it's even more important to have a comfortable chair. With the comfort kit from HKliving, adding that extra bit of comfort has never been so easy! The comfort kits are easy to add to your favorite chair, such as the trendy HKliving metal wire chair and available in gray cotton, green velvet, red velvet (terra), sand and dark gray. This is how you make every chair trendy and comfortable!


3. Add a textile or some pop of color

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Whether it’s a colorful cushion or a cozy throw, these little elements are what makes a house a home. A neutral textile like the HKliving white fringe throw can be placed on a sofa, bed or chair and gives it that special touch in no time. A small detail such as the HKliving striped velvet cushion can uplift a space and give it a touch of personality.


4. Feel free to accessorize!

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Work spaces and home offices don’t always have to be so boring, adding some accessories such as vases and flowers can really uplift a space. If you’re looking to support a good cause, check out the Tiny Miracles Paper Vase cover, perfect as it can be molded into any shape and can help you recycle those plastic bottles. The HKliving matt white porcelain vases are a great either in a group or as a stand-alone they can be a unique ceramic addition to your desk or home office, perfect with or without floral arrangements.




Location: Vertical Design DXB, Al Alsayel Street, Al Quoz 4, Dubai

Hours: Saturdays – Thursdays, 9 am - 6 pm

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