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Why we fell in love with Andaz

To celebrate the opening of the Andaz Dubai The Palm we take a look at Hyatt’s iconic brand
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New hotels seem to pop up in Dubai every other week, as such, newcomers usually need to fight to stand out, setting them apart from the wave of luxury properties. 

Not so for the new Andaz Dubai The Palm. The hotel belongs to the Hyatt’s relatively new (launching just over ten years ago) boutique line of hotels which instead of seeking to stand out, aim to fit in with the local landscape - offering visitors an insight into local culture, mixed in with the hotel group’s finesse for luxury and of course fun. 

Depending on where you stay, this can manifest in different ways - for example, if you travel to Andaz Munich, you’ll be thrown into the thick of Bavarian culture, from their meat-fest restaurant The Lonely Broccoli (beware, vegans - true to its name you’ll be hardpressed to find none-meat items on the menu beside an eggplant dish and a side of greens) to the local Bavarian (rather than German) phrases decorating the lobby and their popular rooftop bar with views over the city which is a must-visit for the well-heeled Bavarian crowds in the city.

Travel to the Andaz Vienna and you’ll equally be placed right in the centre of the city’s rich history. A short walk from the famous Belvedere museum (which houses the internationally acclaimed ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt) the hotel is positioned as “the new home of Prince Eugene of Savoy in the 21st century” the city’s famous Prince who had a love of art and culture. The hotel also has links to one of the city’s most famous and well-regarded apothecaries, Saint-Charles- which has been a key part of the city’s culture for many generations offering organic remedies and beauty products which are offered to guests in each of the rooms. 

So, where does that leave us with the Andaz Dubai? One of the insults sometimes thrown at Dubai by ill-informed travellers is that they city lacks history or culture. The newest hotel on Palm Jumeirah champions both these things, giving each guest the opportunity to explore Dubai’s art scene through up-and-coming artists displayed in the property as well as nod’s to the city’s Bedouin history with desert-inspired interiors. 

“The design team we chose drew upon Dubai’s local talent to create the design and interiors - from renowned Emirati designer, Khalid Shafar, to one of the region’s leading art consulting companies, AKAAS Visual Arts. The latter of which is known for their abstract and modern take on Arabic heritage, the result is a kaleidoscope of local culture and multisensory interiors that capture the surrounding terrain and rich heritage, presented in an open, design-led space that delivers Arabic tradition and craftsmanship through a modern and contemporary lens, explains the hotel’s general manager Kifah Bin Hussein.  

Indeed, from the  Arabic-inspired patterned canape creating a dramatic entrance and the hotel’s scent ( filled with indigenous amber and cardamom, blended by the hotel’s master perfumer) to art commissioned by up and coming local artists, and a ‘floating’ pool between the two towers of the hotel, inspired by the local flora and fauna created by Emirati designer, Khalid Shafar the hotel is a new emblem for Dubai, and why the city is passionate about proudly remembering its past, as well as looking to the future.  

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