Hublot and Al-Majed Jewellery Present the Hublot Classic Fusion Pearls 33MM

Hublot’s first collection set with natural Qatari pearls
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Classic Fusion Qatar Pearls 38mm Titanium unique piece

Hublot and Qatar partners Al-Majed Jewellery have always strived to be different and unique, while sharing values such as excellence, incomparable quality and integrity. In that context and building on the success of Classic Fusion Qatar Special Editions of previous years, the watchmaker and its Qatari partners have joined their expertise to achieve a first for both: the Classic Fusion Pearls 38mm, a watch collection set with the finest natural pearls from Qatar.

"I’m happy to announce Hublot’s first-ever Classic Fusion featuring natural pearls, coming from the capital Doha to the world, through our partners Al-Majed Jewellery with whom we share a passion for watchmaking and a modern vision of timekeeping. These new exclusive watches are yet another way of connecting the past to the future, in a fusion of tradition and innovation. By using Qatari natural pearls, we bring the country’s heritage to modern times.”

David Tedeschi, Regional Director for Hublot Latin America & Caribbean and Middle East & Africa


"We are extremely honored and proud to represent our ancestors’ legacy by introducing the new Classic Fusion Pearls watches, designed and produced with our partner Hublot. For the very first time, Hublot is presenting our handpicked natural pearls, which are carefully selected by hand by my brother Mohammed with the utmost attention and care, thus ensuring that each watch is unique. This special edition reflects our nation’s rich culture and heritage and is the perfect addition to Al-Majed’s iconic collections which are highly regarded by connoisseurs and collectors.”


 - Jamil Mahdi Al-Majed Vice President Al-Majed Group

1608194285359895 hublot classic fusion qatar pearls 38mm special edition blue 2
Classic Fusion Pearls 38mm Titanium Special Edition

A nod to tradition and innovation

The Classic Fusion Pearls 38mm are adorned with hand-picked white pearls, with two unique pieces fully set from bezel to dial, in white or yellow pearls. As Qatari pearls are considered among the most precious natural pearls in the world, Hublot and Al-Majed Jewellery also conceived the special editions as an ode to the country’s deeply rooted pearl-diving heritage. The strongly anticipated timepieces, featuring burgundy straps inspired by Qatar’s flag color or navy blue reflecting its vast blue seas, constitute a collector’s edition that will be passed from one generation to the next.

1608194638149286 hublot 11608194638109767 hublot 1
Classic Fusion Pearls 38mm Titanium Special Edition (blue and burgundy)

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