It is Time: Marc Ferrero X Hublot

"A timepiece that suits my lifestyle." With these words, people should come to the watch store. The new Hublot "Big Bang" by Marc Ferrero underlines the best qualities of the 21st-century woman.
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Self-confident, sophisticated, and non-conformist - this is how Marc Ferrero, an Italian contemporary artist, describes his idea of inner beauty balance, which he is also representing in his art. 

The matter of time has become as never before important. Since we already switched the time zone to a summer one, and have lost an hour of our beauty sleep - we literally have to keep an eye on our wrist. In this collaboration with Hublot, Marc Ferrero reminds us that the day without the night is not a day, and that the night without the day is not a night.

"I love the power of black and white. Shade and light. Yin and Yang. One is profound, unclassifiable, eternal. The other is subtle, ethereal, timeless. They symbolize antitheses and complementarity. Choosing black and white means getting straight to the point without an excess of tonalities. The black and white make ‘Lipstick’ even more graphic and its red lipstick—more magnetic" - Marc Ferrero 

However, if before that watches, just like luxurious jewelry, was meant to be presented as a gift - nowadays women on one's own are coming to stores to find a perfect complement to their personalities. Because at the end of the day, watches are the investment that you are going to cherish forever. And actually how cool is the idea of inheriting such special pieces?

But what if we will move a little bit from the classical interpretations? We might find that art is an unseparated part of a watch craft. Watch is more than just leather stripes or large golden dial. It is a storyteller. Story of the past, present, and future. This time Marc Ferrero known for his typically colorful palette tells a story in black and white, in the form of two limited-edition numbered models in a run of 100 pieces. One, in satin-finish polished steel and resin, with a lacquered dial and calf and rubber strap, all in white. The other, in black ceramic with a lacquered dial and calf and rubber strap, in a pairing of black and white. Two opposites attract and complement each other.

Marc Ferraro X Hublot

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