Time Machine - Adjust your style dial and create your very own watch

Screwdriver and tweezers in hand, become a Swiss watchmaker for a day in Geneva
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Watchmaking in Switzerland began after the Huguenot refugees brought the manufacture of portable timepieces to Geneva in the second half of the 16th century.

Much like today, at that time Geneva was a boomtown. Fast-forward to modern times and Geneva and its neighbouring regions form the epicentre of fine watchmaking and design, surrounded by the country’s stunning lakes, mountains, vineyards and picturesque towns and villages. For those looking to dive even deeper into the fine art of watchmaking, Initium offers a complete immersion into the fascinating world of mechanical timepieces, revealing the ancestral skill that, over the centuries, has become synonymous with an entire region and indeed a country.

At the company’s Geneva workshop, watch aficionados can try their hand at engraving and chamfering, or even assembling a complete watch during a range of classes and hands-on courses, giving their Swiss watch a unique and fully personalized twist thanks to the vast assortment of movements, cases, dials, hands and straps that Initium has available.

The workshops host lessons in theory and practice to help pierce the mysteries of a mechanical movement and evoke the unique thrill of seeing the beating heart of a personal timepiece come to life piece by piece.

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