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The effortless Parisian chic paired with the British eccentricity - Fringe London is a collection of timeless detachable collars created by Marine Leduc-Sudan for women eager to upgrade their daily outfit.
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Marine Leduc-Soudan founder and designer, Fringe London

The collars are designed in London, and produced in England accented with the French touch of the founder. Each piece is handcrafted with an irreproachable attention to detail. The garments are produced from carefully and ethically sourced fabrics which give women feelings of elegance and confidence. 

By combining modern look with the traditional techniques, Fringe London champions the art of slow fashion by supporting artisan makers and celebrating the design process.

Whether you want to give your outfit a rock side, or go with the Peter Pan-shaped collars with the leopard print, decide for a playful chic wearing a 100% silk scallop collar with a cute little black dress or a backless jumpsuit, you can never make mistake. 

The elegant Velvet Ribbon Collar made with 100% ivory silk will always complete your look. It fastens at the front with a fine burgundy velvet ribbon which adds an element of sophistication and makes it slightly adjustable. You can wear it from desk to date night; the velvet ribbon collar works best with a feminine suit or a silky blouse. 

Made in England: Fringe London

Marine’s love for fashion was born during her childhood as she spent summers helping out her grandmother who owned a clothing boutique for women. She studied International Marketing Management at Pace University, New York and Gemmology in London but her passion for fashion and her undeniable entrepreneurial spirit led her to create her own company in 2017, at only 26.

L’Officiel Arabia speaks to the founder and designer of Fringe.

L'Officiel Arabia: Please tell us a bit more about your background.

Marine Leduc-Soudan: I was born in the French Alps, in a small town near Geneva and raised surrounded by the love for fashion whether I was admiring my mum getting dressed in the most wonderful outfits or helping out my grandmother during the summer holidays manage the most stylish prêt-a-porter shop in town, which she owned back then.

I left the family nest early and landed in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) for a little while before moving to New York City to finish my studies in International Marketing Management at Pace University. Then I became attracted by Gemmology and moved to London to complete my Graduate Gemologist degree from GIA. My passion for fashion and my strong entrepreneurial spirit finally led me to create my own company back in 2017. It’s my proudest achievement to date. 

I now live in West London (where I design the collars), with my husband and my two sausage dogs. I am doing my best to juggle between work, my company and my personal life, trying to fit it all in and taking each day as a new challenge and a new opportunity.

1581640358180634 eyelet worn f1581640374545400 eyelet worn r
The Eyelet Collar, Fringe London

L'Officiel Arabia: How did you come up with the idea of creating FRINGE?

Marine Leduc-Soudan: The idea comes from a personal frustration of wanting to style my wardrobe in many more ways without having to go through a full closet refresh.

Fringe London encapsulates “one collar, endless options”. The collars allow an instant style update and give the opportunity to be more versatile and creative with your look. You can really play around by pairing this accessory with the clothes that you already owe to create many more outfit possibilities with minimum effort and maximum style. I like to describe them as wardrobe extenders.

L'Officiel Arabia: What is a story behind Fringe?

Marine Leduc-Soudan: The collars are designed in London and accented by an undeniable French touch. In fact, the effortless Parisian chic paired with the British eccentricity is at the core of the brand’s identity. Fringe London is the combination of the modern look with traditional techniques. We value the art of slow fashion by supporting artisan makers and celebrating the design process. The attention to detail is a key element of our daily routine to make this basic not so basic.

1581640778115802 leopard worn f1581640801167151 leopard worn r
1581640760128333 leopard f
The Leopard Collar, Fringe London

L'Officiel Arabia: What inspires you?

Marine Leduc-Soudan: Fringe London is a classic reworked. Inspired by the iconic “Col Claudine”, I added a modern twist to the collars to suit today’s trends. For the rest, I get my inspiration from both the past and the present, it comes from the experiences and observations that I have accumulated over the years. However, if I had to pick one specific place it would be the V&A museum in South Kensington paired with my mum’s wardrobe (so that’s two).

L'Officiel Arabia: Who is your client?

Marine Leduc-Soudan: The typical Fringe London customer could be anywhere in the world as we ship globally (for free!). She’s interested in finding the accessory that she will wear on repeat and happy to invest in stylish staples to complement her ‘go anywhere outfit’ to look effortlessly good. She prioritizes quality and savoir-faire over fast fashion and values the fact that the product is handmade. She wants to buy less but better.

L'Officiel Arabia: How do we wear your collars? 

Marine Leduc-Soudan: There are just so many ways to wear them, that’s the concept behind the product! They can be worn all year long as they are meant to be layered on top of, for example, a basic white T-shirt or an oversized jumper, a little black dress or even to complement a shirt or a blouse with a second collar. It’s an all-occasion solution which can be worn from day to night. They look incredible paired with tailoring as well as with a more casual look. Some customers even style them solo, worn as a necklace directly on the skin, it’s another dimension that I hadn’t even thought about myself! The removable clips on the inside help the collars stay in place.

1581641178721298 velvet ribbon f1581641676222080 scallop r
1581641582579837 zip f
The Velvet, The Scallop and The Zipper Collar - Fringe London, Made in England

L'Officiel Arabia: A key piece?

Marine Leduc-Soudan: They all have something special about them so it’s difficult to pick, but the “Signature Collar” is definitely a piece that stands out due to the little Fringe London logos lasered all around giving it a distinctive and modern look. However, the “Eyelet Collar” is the one I wear more often. I love the contrast between the leather for edginess and the fine silk ribbon for a touch of femininity. It really is a statement piece.

L'Officiel Arabia: There's no doubt we need to be more sustainable in all industries. How do you deal with this issue? 

Marine Leduc-Soudan: Sustainability is at the heart of our concern. At Fringe London our mission is to have a clear visibility and control over every stage of the production process. Every collar is made from ethically sourced fabric and handcrafted by an artisan seamstress in the UK. Our box and inserts are made of 100% recycled paper and the travel pouch added for free in each order is linen. Sadly, going green is still not the easiest way to do business but we are determined to minimize our impact on the environment and doing our best to reach the zero-waste end goal.

L'Officiel Arabia: Unfortunately, not many fashion brands think about charity. You are one of the few. 

Marine Leduc-Soudan: Being able to give back as been part of my vision since the start. We proudly support Women for Women by donating £1 per order. This way, our customers not only get to upgrade their outfit when shopping with us, but they also get to help women in countries affected by conflict to get access to an educational program that gives them the tools they need to support their children and transform their life forever.

L'Officiel Arabia: Future plans?

Marine Leduc-Soudan: My head is filled with ideas, there’s so much that can be done! We do receive orders from around the globe so translating the website into other languages would be one of them. Maybe more exciting is the potential introduction of personalized collars, embroidered on each side or at the back with any initial, date, name or message to make each collar unique to its owner. We are working on this challenging project at the moment and hoping to launch this feature in 2020.

1581642168960322 packaging

The Velvet, The Eyelet, The Zip, The Leopard, The Ruffle, The Scallop, The Signature and The Stud Collar; all in all is the perfect way to upgrade your daily outfit!

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