Moynat Paris: Eid Gifting Ideas

Enter into the whimsical, wonderful and slightly surreal world of Moynat Paris.
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Courtesy of Moynat Paris

A unique universe of hyper-lacquered shapes, graphic stripes and eclectic everyday objects in a palette of joyful, spirit-soaring shades. In a playful exploration of colour, material and form, art director Shona Heath captures the extraordinary in the ordinary through a series of still lifes heroin the emblematic bags from Moynat Paris, designed by Creative Director Nicholas Knightly. Evoking the Maison's freedom of spirit, the campaign is an exuberant expression of the sublime in the everday.



1651130771287934 the flori

Dimensions: 20 (L) x 9 (W) x 19 (H) cm

Materials and colours:

Carat Calf with Pearl Calf lining

Cannelle and Mimosa with palladium hardware

Regiment with gold hardware


1651131001446805 c20089 0410 flori escapade pm natural calf auy rose pale v1 front1651131001472403 flori escapade pm natural calf auy saffran v1 front

Dimensions: 20 (L) x 9 (W) x 19 (H) cm

Materials and colours:

Natural Cowhide and Wicker with Pearl Calf lining

Saffron Yellow and Pink with gold hardware

Taupe with palladium hardware

The Flori Escapade is an ode to the artistic vision and technical prowess of Moynat. Hand crafted in woven wicker and natural cowhide leather, the artisanal bag reflects an uncompromising savoir-faire through the combination of traditional leatherwork with a modern twist to wicker craft. It comes in exclusive shades of Rose Pale, Jaune Saffran and Taupe. The original full leather Flori, Nicholas Knightly's debut bag for Moynat, is the epitome of the Maison's artisanal craftsmanship with its signature trunk lock, top handle and inner leather pouch. Its pragmatic craft details and modern cross-body style empower women, freeing them from the constraints of the classic handbag. This season, the sensual silhouette is imagined in Regiment, Cannelle and Mimosa, all in Carat Calf leather, and updated with a shoulder strap that is now adjustable.


1651131368879022 c20012 0230 camera bag taurillon blush pal mandarine v1 front1651131368900314 c20042 0112 camera bag taurillon blush pal poudre v1 front
1651131368952499 c200042 0150 camera bag taurillon blush pal taupe v1 front1651131368939836 camera bag taurillon blush pal bleu de prusse v1 front

Dimensions: 20.5 (L) x 8 (W) x 17 (H) cm

Materials: Taurillon Blush with Coton/Linen lining


Mandarin (Palladium hardware)

Powder (Palladium hardware)

Prussian Blue (Palladium hardware)

Taupe (Palladium hardware)


The Camera Bag is a compact, soft structured trunk heralding the Maison's heritage as a Parisian trunk-maker. The defining Art Deco emblem first appeared as circular metal stamps on Moynat luggage in the 1930s. This detail has been redefined for today with an embossed treatment on iconic Taurillon Blush leather. Its curvaceous corners and structured top handle are engineered with the skilled craftmanship which finished archival trunks. This season, the Camera Bag is introduced in four new expressive shades: Mandarine, Powder, Prussian Blue and Taupe.

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