Purificacion Garcia's New Homenaje Trenzado

Featuring Purificacion Garcia’s newly launched Homenaje Trenzado bag
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Our cube is a constant source of inspiration. This family again pays tribute to our logo by personalizing the leather through the use of irony and optical illusion.

The idea was to emboss the leather using a specially developed plaque to create an optical illusion, giving volume to our cubes whilst at the same time simulating a braided effect. An optical trick in clear reference to the sense of humour that characterizes PG.

Bags are light, flexible and smooth to the touch. They are stripped bare of almost all hardware, leaving only the discreet, cube-shaped trimmings specially developed for this family. Patterns result in clean, minimalist shapes, placing all the emphasis on the leather itself.

Materials, techniques and colour
High quality cowhide in solid colours combines the embossed outline of our cube through our Stamp technique. For a perfect finish a special plaque is created to emboss each design. A different leather has been chosen for each colour in order to emphasise its intensity. The braided effect varies depending on the characteristics of each leather.

Versatile, light and unique. Available in various models including shopper, hobo or a flapped version. A concept that reinvents and pays tribute to Purificacion Garcia’s most recognizable code: our cube.


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