The Back-To-School Fashion Hit? Rubber shoes!

The ultimate must-have for the back-to-school season, but also for autumn? Elegant rubber boots, or a version in sandals.
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One of the shoes that has received special attention this season? The Gucci rubber sandal with a platform sole. These shoes were first seen in 2020 at the fashion house's Pre Fall presentation. The vintage charm of the sandals with Nineties accents can be seen in the massive sole and embossed logo. Gucci offers this star model in black, white and several pastel shades, the most popular of which is the baby blue.


Proof that it's real, the trend for rubber shoes doesn't stop with these sandals. For fall, the most popular designers are also offering their version, like elegant rain boots. The ultimate detail? Its thick toothed sole, which improves the grip of the shoes on the ground.

From sports shoes made of rubber to sandals, slippers and strappy sandals: rubber is everywhere in the new school year! The most? Rubber shoes are not only a trendy choice, they are also very practical. Easy to clean, and generally easy to maintain, rubber dries quickly when wet. Ideal for wet weather to combine comfort and style.

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