The Five Handbag Trends For Fall-Winter 2020-2021

From oversized tote bags to the ever-popular micro-bags, here are the 5 handbag trends for fall-winter 2020-2021.
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Trends come and go, but handbags are forever. With fall fashion fast approaching, it's time to update your wardrobe with one of the new it-bags of the season. Whether you're thinking about investing in new models or just keeping up with the latest fall trends, here are the top 5 handbag trends seen at the Fall/Winter 2020-2021 shows. 

The oversized bag

1599391263707988 1597046517110158 large bag fendi1599391264023574 1597046517351825 large bag louis vuitton
1599391264323334 1597046517593474 large bag bottega veneta1599391264568439 1597046517876454 large bag tom ford
From top to bottom, and left to right: Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Tom Ford

Greatness and practicality seemed to be recurring themes this season. With the oversized bags that made their runway debut earlier this year, brands such as Tom Ford and Fendi have given a whole new meaning to the prefix "maxi". For trips or days when you plan to carry your entire wardrobe in one bag, this may be the perfect solution.

Mini handles

1599391264808081 1597046518159615 top handle chanel1599391265074992 1597046518423994 top handle burberry
1599391265322252 1597046518686445 top handle versace1599391265565693 1597046518959536 top handle gucci
From top to bottom, and left to right: Chanel, Burberry, Versace, Gucci

Back in the 90s, when shoulder bags were everywhere. The only difference in 2020? No shoulder is needed. Mini top handles were a common feature of the autumn collections, upgrading many runway looks. Small enough not to compromise convenience, but bold enough to position themselves as statement bags, bags with small handles will be everywhere this fall. 

The clutch bag

1599391265807273 1597046519239480 carrying bag alexander mcqueen1599391266083161 1597046519511526 carrying bag lanvin
1599391266331347 1597046519794118 carrying bag bottega veneta1599391266588368 1597046520069916 screen shot 2020 08 04 at 9.25.27 am
Top to bottom, and left to right: Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Bottega Veneta, Jil Sander

Is it a purse or a pouch? Consider this model as a hybrid of both. A versatile autumn trend that continues from day to night, propelled by designers like Bottega Veneta who have made it a must-have. Chic and functional, what more could you ask for this autumn?

The micro bag

1599391266836551 1597046520283624 micro bag tom ford1599391267102693 1597046520562334 micro bag fendi
1599391267334168 1597046520827232 micro bag jacquemus1599391267571206 1597046521071540 micro bag dolce and gabbana
From top to bottom, and left to right: Tom Ford, Fendi, Jacquemus, Dolce & Gabbana

For all lovers of minimalism, the micro-bag is still there next season! The trend, which can be seen well before the autumn fashion shows, has become particularly popular among street style enthusiasts and influencers on Instagram for several seasons now. The good news is that it continues to be popular and is even available for everyday accessories: AirPods, water bottles, lipsticks... Micro-bags are reinventing themselves!

The geometric bag

1599391267863892 1597046521353888 coach shapes round1599391268079440 1597046521647873 area heart
1599391268357890 1597046521886476 oscar de la renta1599391268597131 1597046522152421 paco rabanne
From top to bottom, and left to right: Coach, Area, Oscar De La Renta, Paco Rabanne

Bringing a fun twist to the fashion of the fall and winter months, designers like Area and Paco Rabanne have started the trend for structured handbags that bring shape to any figure. From oversized hearts to sparkling stars, we bet geometric bags will always be so popular this spring!

Bringing a fun touch to the fashion of the autumn and winter months, designers such as Area and Paco Rabanne have launched the trend of structured handbags that bring shape to any silhouette. From oversized hearts to shimmering stars, we bet geometric bags will be just as popular this spring!

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