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Seal it with a Gift: L'Artist(e)

Our guide to gifts that are sure to make even moodiest art lover & maker in your life, smile.
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Artists have been a pillar of society since the beginning of time. With their relentless dedication to their craft, restless spirits and often times ruthless skills of observation, who else can we trust to keep the rest of us in check? This holiday season, in particular, artists of all media should be celebrated for their steadfast passion, considering that their world has (temporarily, we hope) been put on the back burner by certain government administrations. The good news is that you don't have to be artist(e) yourself to give a creative gift.

L'Officiel is here to present (no pun intended) you with our top picks of art-inspired gifts. Because, lest we forget, the world sure would be a blander, colorless and, more generally, boring place without the artist(e)s in our lives. 


If you don't have a stack (or else an extra thick) coffee table art books, are you really an art lover? As well as being immensely aesthetically pleasing, a large,  glossy and well-written book on your favorite artist is sure to be a conversation starter in the living room. TASCHEN, founded in 1980, has been the art book publisher of the world. From pocket-sized to the aforementioned heavy duty publications, renaissance to graphic artists, every publication is as beautiful as it is informative. If you can't quite remember who your giftee's favorite artist is/what, not to worry, check out TASCHEN's gift service for some expert help.

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Paintable Wallpaper

Gone are the days when painting on the wall deserved a spanking (the bad kind, we mean). Today, give your artist(e) the chance to be creative beyond the confines of a canvas or sketchbook. Tempaper is made to be painted on and provides the perfect surface for all sorts of paintbrushes, be it roll brushes or the thinner brushes for the more intricate types of work. And did we mention that the wallpaper is peelable? These rolls are crazy easy to put up and take down.

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An RxArt Coloring Book

The verdict is in: coloring books aren't just for kids anymore. Which is fantastic, considering that this activity is not only creative but also incredibly therapeutic. RxArt has blessed us with Between the Lines, the ultimate coloring book featuring works and stickers by 51 contemporary artists that your giftee is sure to love, including Sam Falls, The Haas Brothers, and Njideka Akunyili Crosby. Also, every purchase supports RxArt's mission to transform, through visual art, healthcare facilities across the country into engaging and inspiring environments for child patients. Yes!

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The Frame by Samsung

To the artist(e) who fears commitment, this gift's for you. A true example of the beauty that can arise when art meets technology, The Frame is an electronic frame that acts as a tableau when turned off and a TV when turned on. At any moment, your giftee can choose from Samsung's extensive series of famous works or, alternatively, from their own images. Hangable everywhere and available in a variety of sizes of frame colors, The Frame truly is a must-have piece for the 21st Century artist(e). For that extra touch of authenticity, The Frame can also be set up on an easel.

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Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Brushes

These paint brushes truly are the Maybachs of the art world. Understandably so, considering that Winsor & Newton's design is quite literally royal. It was in 1866 when Her Majesty Queen Victoria ordered the art material-makers to produce the very finest watercolor brushes in her favorite size, No. 7. This series is handmade from the finest and purest Kolinsky Sable hair and rust-proof, seamless nickel plated ferrules. Combined with the black polish handles, these brushes are basically artworks in themselves and your waterpainting artist(e) is sure to be ecstatic.

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The great Diana Vreeland once said, "The eye has to travel." Artists, too, know that inspiration can come from trotting the globe be they headed to the sunny coast of the Côte d'Azur or frigid mountains of Peru.

Of course, plane rides and buses can leave the individual in question tired, tired, tired. So when traveling seems a remote possibility, gift the creative in your life some Wonderlust, courtesy of Michael Kors. Embodying the wandering spirit in a sensual, alluring scent, artists across all mediums will surely find a muse in this magic bottle.

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