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The Spain Pavilion brings multi-awarded Flamenco dancer, Olga Pericet to Expo 2020 Dubai

Holder of Spain’s most prestigious prize The National Dance Award, Pericet is bringing on stage her latest show ‘The Thorn That Wanted to Be a Flower or The Flower That Dreamed of Being a Dancer’
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National Dance Award winner Olga Pericet, will perform in the Dubai Millenium Amphitheatre at Expo 2020 Dubai. As part of The Spain Pavilion rich cultural program, the flamenco dancer will bring on stage her latest spectacle ´The Thorn That Wanted to Be a Flower or The Flower That Dreamed of Being a Dancer’.

On the 28th and the 29th of October at 7 pm and 7:30 pm respectively, visitors will have the opportunity to experience and enjoy an exceptional dance performance that brings together different dance styles united by Pericet own making. The artist will be accompanied by singers Jesús Corbacho and Miguel Lavi and the impetuous sound of the guitars of Antonia Jiménez and José Almarcha. Celebrating Expo 2020 Dubai, the show will also have with the collaboration of a very special guess, Spanish dancer Jesús Fernández.

With this show, Pericet embarks upon a personal journey through dance based on memories, injuries and embraces from the past. Time caresses her as if it were a dream, blending the real with the surreal in a single space and time: her interior.

It is an artistic journey having a personal language that ventures into the unknown, based on her roots, sowing new flowers, creating a universe in which the feminine and the masculine, humour and the dramatic appear in equal parts, leading way to a meeting of lights and shadows of mankind. It fiercely questions, in the images stored away in the memory of a strange and not always complacent beauty, where the dark walks quietly and spills over in sporadic gusts, so as to finally discover the light.

A gallery of dramatic games where the woman remains in power in a miscellany of sculptures and transformations, where she lives, between the beautiful and the ugly, happiness and the bittersweet, restraint and the lewd, sensuality, the hen and the horse, youth and decay, all framed musically within a mixture of songs and rhythms that move together, beating in one flamenco style and its opposite.

Olga´s spectacle will close a month of incredible performances full of art an entertainment. November cultural agenda will start with Spanish eminent guitarist Miguel Trapaga and his solo show ‘The Spanish Guitar’.

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