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There's a new exhibition in Abu Dhabi celebrating Arab history

The incredible new exhibit looks at the history of Arab culture through coins
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A brand new exhibition recently opened in Abu Dhabi called the Coins of Islam: History Revealed” at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre.

The collection, which opened on 28th January underlines the rich history and cultural legacy across centuriesThe pieces tell the story of the region through different engravings, some which date back over a thousand years. 

Dr. Alain Baron, the founder of Numismatica Genevensis, stated, "One of the world's most significant collections of Arab and Islamic coinage ever assembled, the exhibition will celebrate the splendours and achievements of the Islamic civilization across centuries and the unique perspective on that history afforded by its coins. It is our absolute honour to emphasize the SZGMC's mission as a centre of learning and knowledge and to highlight the unique and profound role that numismatics plays in our understanding of history and culture."

Check out some of the incredible pieces in the collection in the gallery below. For more information, visit


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