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Valentino Insights #2

Maison Valentino continues to explore Virtual Reality and digital design by creating an intimate experience within the rooms of Valentino Insights, created by the start-up Virtual, opening its doors to the Valentino Roman Palazzo Collection.
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Photo: Courtesy of Valentino

Architecture, design and mysterious atmospheres, rooms that hosts an exclusive NFT artwork by Sara Ludy, Valentino on Canvas artworks exhibited on the virtual walls and an hidden room showcases the Rockstud Alcove universe.

Pierpaolo Piccioli continues to support art and its new territories, constantly fascinated by new landscapes always in the pur suit of uniqueness within the scene in which they belong.

Within the virtual architecture of Valentino Insights, the new NFT digital artwork ‘Astral Garden’ by American artist Sara Ludy, exclusively created for Valentino, has been auctioned and sold on Foundation website for 5.4 E “(~$18k).

1632380271318070 astral garden by sara ludy
'Astral Garden' by Sara Ludy | Photo: Courtesy of Valentino

The artwork, that interprets the new Valentino Roman Palazzo collection and reflects on the nature of hybridized material and form through a multidimensional scroll, is presented within a new visual language: a dedicated room that creates a hybrid world that bridges the gap between virtual and reality.

A second episode in which the Maison looks into the NFT new landscapes. In June 2021, in occasion of the opening of the Valentino Episode SoHo boutique, Valentino took a first step within the new artistic world by featuring an exhibition of the NFT digital artworks by artist Matthew Stone.

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