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Vincent Bioulès in the spotlight at the Fabre Museum

The Fabre Museum in Montpellier, France is dedicating a magnificent retrospective exhibition to the incredible modern artist Vincent Bioulès.
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Fascinated by the Languedoc coast, Vincent Bioulès has depicted the French region repeatedly in his career. "I have never ceased to remain faithful to what motivated me, to this initial landscape, to keep a particular predilection for the confusion I have always felt there, it was there that I also discovered the pleasure of painting," the 81-year-old artist explains.  

Rich in magnificent collections of art, the museum works, through a beautiful and clever programme aimed at a wide variety of audiences, The Fabre Museum explores both the contemporary scene and the intersections with modern art. Two hundred works by Vincent Bioulès, are included in the new exhibition which tell the story of a whole life devoted to painting. Landscapes, nudes and portraits reveal the constancy of his approach and his infinite playful, creative technique with colour: "I love colours as I love musical instruments. If I had written music, I would certainly have written string quartets, but I would have liked to write large symphonic pieces, very colourful, because I am passionate about the sounds of instruments, and I collect colours as if I were collecting sounds," says the artist. Drawings and paintings, abstract or figurative works, large formats or delicate sketchbooks thus construct a journey where the viewer is caught up in the living force of the works, and travels through a world "on the verge of extinction".

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