A Therapeutic Day with Horses at Meliã Desert Palm Dubai

The polo resort will now offer equine assisted team building sessions
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2020, an undoubtedly tough year is finally drawing to a close. The year has thrown a curveball in everyone’s lives, placing physical, emotional and mental well-being at the forefront again. In addition to this, business owners and employees have been working remotely, sometimes dealing with additional pressure and isolation. To begin the new year on a positive note, polo resort, Meliã Desert Palm Dubai has launched ‘Team building with horses’, in collaboration with a charitable organisation, EAPD (Equestrian Association for People of Determination and MSB Connect, experts in horse-guided empowerment and corporate coaching.

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The benefits of equine assisted therapy date back to ancient Greek times when horses were used for therapeutic riding. The treatment was officially used in 1946 to speed up the recovery of polio patients across Scandinavia. The ability to control a horse as well as one’s own body instills self-confidence and responsibility. Horses also have an incredible healing power, thus Meliã Desert Palm Dubai is encouraging individuals to experience a stress-free day with their colleagues.

As we know, horses are social animals living in herd hierarchies. They can teach us about collaboration, self-awareness and clear communication. Horses help us fine-tune our social intelligence and soft skills by acting like a mirror to our inner emotions and intentions. With the team building workshops, Meliã Desert Palm Dubai aims to provide a non-judgmental environment for team members to share their feelings/struggles and build an atmosphere of trust and authenticity; all in the presence of horses.

The programme is conducted at EAPD’s paddocks with their specially-trained and calm horses. The sessions will be facilitated by MSB Connect’s experienced instructors, and held in an emotionally and physically safe space. Social distancing measures will also be observed. The main goal of the day would be to give people the opportunity to interact with their colleagues transparently and understand them at a deeper level; which hasn’t been feasible this year owing to video call meetings. Following the session, the participants will head for lunch at Meliã Desert Palm Dubai.

The workshop is also ideal for teams that are working on any specific projects and want to address particular challenges. The day would start by meeting the participants over coffee, and then moving onto personal well-being and struggles. A team exercise would be done following lunch, which would focus on the current situation and future goals. The day would end with a video analysis and discussion.

“Building a team that facilitates productive emotional experiences allows members to achieve greater collaboration and performance. The foundation of a cohesive team is trust. With these sessions, we hope to rebuild the bond between team members and thus motivate them to do better,” said Nathalie Cockayne, General Manager of Meliã Desert Palm Dubai.

“I am thankful to EAPD and MSB Connect for joining hands with us and working together to spread positivity during such turbulent times.” added Cockayne.

Prices vary depending on the requirements. Bookings need to be made for minimum eight people. For more information, please call +971 4 602 9323 or email

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