At Home With The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah

Bringing the Art of Hospitality into People’s Homes
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During these times of social distancing and reflection, The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah are reaching out to its guests and connecting with them through a series of online videos, that will be posted on the resort’s social media pages every week, giving them a closer look at its culinary secrets, and a front row seat to experience its history and culture.

From May 6th until the end of July, The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah invites viewers every alternate Saturday on a special tour of the resort, where they will get a closer look at the marvellous architecture of this heritage building; learning about its history, conservation process and the intricate details that differentiate its offering from other properties and make it a memorable experience for each guest. Every second Wednesday, guests are invited to wear their aprons and join the resort’s skilled chefs in the kitchen, where they can learn to add The Chedi Al Bait’s special flavour to their dining table, dazzling their guests or sharing an intimate activity with their loved ones. For art enthusiasts, The Chedi Al Bait will share home décor ideas and interior design tips, helping them recreate their own private spaces using the resort’s design as inspiration, while the spa team will make sure to keep them fresh with its homemade skin care recipes, because everyone deserves to be pampered and look their best at any given day.

People will be able to enjoy fun challenges with their friends as well, The Chedi Al Bait will run some competitions to replicate its dishes and signature drinks, allowing cooking enthusiasts to win amazing prizes and experiences at The Chedi Al Bait’s culinary outlets.

Staying connected, engaged and hopeful is what The Chedi Al Bait aims to achieve through these videos, while its guests stay home and focus on their well-being and the safety of their families. The resort works to share the joy and welcome them soon.

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