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L'Officiel Arabia sits down with Alejandro Bataller, Vice President of SHA Wellness Clinic to learn more about the new Abu Dhabi-based clinic
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SHA Emirates will be the third clinic you open worldwide. What impacted your decision to choose this country for your expansion?

Our mission has always been to help people live longer and better, so we are excited to bring our innovative offerings to new markets around the world to provide easier access for all our guests. 

The SHA Emirates facility the market with the aim of creating a positive impact that will bring world-class health and wellness programs to the region for the very first time.

How will you recreate the SHA concept in this market? What elements will stay the same and what elements will be new to the clinic?

We want all our guests to feel at ease when they walk into SHA Emirates. 80% of our offer will remain the same as the one we have in Spain and which we have been perfecting throughout the decade. The remaining 20% will be adapted to the Arab market. 

The offer will be the same in terms of the SHA Method and type of health programs. Our aim is to offer the most outstanding therapies in nutrition, preventive medicine, anti-ageing, genetics, holistic medicine, regenerative medicine, revitalizing medicine, as we have always done, but tailored to the market and its needs. 

What can you tell us about the design of the facility, how will it fit within the natural space of AlJurf?

AlJurf was developed by IMKAN inspired by the vision of the founders of the nation to offer a tranquil gateway that is seamlessly integrated with its natural environment, perfectly located along the Sahel Al Emarat. AlJurf’s aim to preserve and enhance the area’s existing beauty and perpetuate a natural heritage as opposed to changing it. The vision for the UAE resort and clinic is to positively influence the life of its visitors by naturally enhancing their lifestyle. We would like to transform AlJurf and create in a few years a healthy community with an exceptional quality of life.

AlJurf represents the ideal destination for residents seeking sustenance of the very best mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. 

SHA Wellness Clinic will span a total of 125,000 square meters along the coast and has been designed to work in synergy with its surrounding environment, developing a concept which sympathizes with local materials and provides a sleek design. Constructed using a biophilic approach, SHA Emirates will connect with nature, featuring clean, white elegant curves and soft-layered edges. With cascading hanging gardens and panoramic sweeping views of the coastline.

How will the element of nutrition, which we know is a key focal point of your approach, be adapted for this market? 

Definitely. Nutrition at SHA is a priority. This is the basis for combining the various therapies. When opening at AlJurf our SHA Nutrition, that is healthy, energetic and balanced, inspired by ancient principles, adapted to modern life, will be adapted to the local climate and its gastronomic culture. 

In an ideal scenario, what impact would you hope this opening will have on the perception of wellness in the region?

I definitely believe that the healthy, self-care lifestyle we promote at SHA connects with most culture globally. 

For more information, visit SHA Emirates 

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