Culinary Heritage of Goan Gastronomy at Bombay Brasserie at the Taj Dubai

Think coastal breeze, seafood, the delicious aroma of local spices, coconut flavours and a generous doze of revelry. A Goan meal is always a celebration of sorts.
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Think coastal breeze, seafood, the delicious aroma of local spices, coconut flavours and a generous doze of revelry. A Goan meal is always a celebration of sorts.

Four hundred and fifty years of Portuguese rule in Goa have lent a unique assortment of flavours, styles and culinary techniques. But Goan cuisine is not complete without various other international as well as local influences. Visit Taj Dubai’s Indian designer kitchen Bombay Brasserie for a scrumptious lesson in history, and allow Hotel Executive Chef Vikas Milhoutra and his cast of foodies to serve up a feast to remember.

Backed by a decorated culinary career in Taj Hotels across Goa, Jaipur, Maldives, London and Mumbai, Chef Vikas lends a prolific know-how of Indian gastronomic diversity to Taj Dubai. Visiting Chef Rohan Halankar from Taj Goa joins the BB brigade, adding a delightfully Goan authenticity to the festival of feasts. 

Chef Vikas and team have meticulously curated a quintessentially Goan menu featuring some of the most irresistible coastal fare. The meal begins with Solkadi (traditional Goan beverage with coconut milk and kokum), followed by vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters like Prawn Balchao (prawns fried in red masala), Nistem fritto (fish marinated with spices) and Bolinhas de Balatas com Verdure (potato dumplings filled with balchao spiced vegetables, served with a piri piri dip), to name a few.

Guests are encouraged to save some appetite for the grand main course that includes dishes like Nustiachem Kodi (the all-time favourite Goan fish curry), Mutton Vindaloo (mutton cooked in toddy vinegar and red masala) and Vegetarian Xacuti (fresh mushroom, whole cashew nut and peas cooked in a blend of roasted spices and coconut gravy). And there’s always room for something sweet, such as Serra Dura (Portuguese panna cotta layers of crumbled cookies and condensed milk) and caramel pudding to conclude.

Bombay Brasserie’s central open kitchen, vibrant décor and low level seating alongside bold, oversized artworks on the walls make it the perfect stage for a theatrical dining experience. Always more than just a dining experience, guests can revel in the Goan vibe with the melodious tunes of a live saxophone artist performance. Bringing in the elements of art and culture is Indian contemporary artist W.Inaoton who will be flown in especially to create an unforgettable live painting at the restaurant. W.Inaoton’s stunning work represents the relaxed, colourful and joyous spirit of Goa, and will be displayed at Bombay Brasserie all through the Goan experience.

Starting 18th March, the Goan extravaganza is served every Saturday to Thursday (a la carte lunch and dinner) while an exclusive weekend brunch replete with authentic flavours, festivities and the irrepressible celebratory vibe of Goa will be served every Friday from 1pm to 4pm. 

The Bombay Experience is priced at AED 250 per person, with soft beverages and hand-crafted mocktails. 

For reservations, please call 04-438 3134 or email


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