Practice the Art of Mindfulness with Quite Quaint’s Wreath Making Workshops

Using a wreath frame, dozens of fresh colorful flowers and heaps of creativity,the floral design e-boutique helps you create a picture-perfect wreath while practicing the art of mindfulness.
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Telling a story, one design at a time, Quite Quaint’s wreath making workshops are inspired by the 600 year old art of Japanese floral arrangement called Ikebana. The floral design e-boutique hopes to welcome people to participate in their upcoming workshops, which stand for mindfulness, movement, simplicity & meaning.


Mindfulness with Flowers Workshop


Make an arrangement using fresh flowers


10th January, Sunday at Baker’s Kitchen Marina
15th January, Friday at at Baker’s Kitchen Marina
23rd January, Saturday at Tania’s Tea House

10:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m


AED 250 - AED 375 per person

For registration and payment:



Using wreaths as an expression of personality and feelings, Quite Quaint creates meditative arrangements that emphasize on the story of the materials used, which provides a sense of well-being. To make these picture-perfect wreaths, the attendees receive a kit containing a wreath frame, fresh seasonal flowers, a variety of naturally scented decorations, ribbons, pearls and floristry wires.

While there is a wreath for every season, they are usually made out of evergreens and symbolize strength. Rich in culture and history, wreaths are a vital home decor item that give a magical touch of elegance to your house all year round.

“Creating a craft on your own can give you joy and a sense of accomplishment, wreath making is one such mindful craft that not only helps you live in the present moment, but also allows you to boosts your creativity by learning different types of arrangements using variety of beautiful flowers and materials,” says Nazish Zubairy Saif, Founder and Creative Consultant of Quite Quaint.

Having done several floral workshops at Tania’s Teahouse and Bakers Kitchen cafe in the past, Quite Quaint is open to collaborating with quaint cafes to host more workshops. Their unique perspectives in floral designs have been crafted and installed in various places including Abu Dhabi Corniche, Abu Dhabi Mirabad and Al Quoz Art Fest.

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