L'Officiel meets Dior-muse, Jennifer Lawrence

Twenty years after the launch of J'adore, Dior presents a brand new perfume: 'Joy by Dior'. The face of this floral, fresh scent is actress Jennifer Lawrence, who shines in the atmospheric campaign of the French luxury house
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There's twenty years between J'adore and Joy by Dior. What's it like to be the face of such a special new launch?

'I have always had a good relationship with Dior. Some of my favorite dresses come from Dior's studio, like the dress I wore when I received the Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook, or the dress I wore to the premiere of Mother! in New York City. Dior equals femininity and elegance, so being part of a fashion and beauty house with such an incredibly rich history is a great honor. But I feel even more honored because Dior has been launching a perfume for twenty years and I have a role in the campaign. '


What makes this perfume so unforgettable, according to you?

'I think it's in the way the different layers and notes make a perfect harmony. It is floral, woody, warm and soft at the same time. Never have I smelled something like this before. "

What do you remember most about the campaign shoot?

'A large part of the campaign was filmed underwater, in the pools of two mansions in Beverly Hills. I was dressed in beautiful couture dresses with corset tops and tulle skirts, which became so heavy under water that I was given floats to keep me in the right position.'


The director of the campaign is Francis Lawrence...

'Yes! Francis is not officially one of my family, despite his surname, but he and I have been working together for many years. We made The Hunger Games and Red Sparrow together. He really knows me through and through, and because of that he was, like no other, able to capture my personality in this campaign film. '


Do you wear perfume every day?

'Yes! Usually I spray a few times in the air and then I walk through the cloud of perfume. '


What is your earliest perfume memory?

"I remember my mother always wearing Miss Dior. That is the first perfume that I ever smelled. Still, warm memories come to mind when I see it. "


Mr. Dior's goal was to create clothing and perfumes that make women happy. What things make you happy?

"Reading, my dog ​​Pippi, my friends and books."


What is the best make-up advice you have ever received?

"Do not wear blue eyeliner, haha!"


What are you doing right now?

'I put a lot of time into the Represent.Us project. That is America's largest activist anti-corruption campaign at the moment. Represent.Us unites conservatives, progressives and everyone in between, to jointly try to restore the corrupt political system of America. '

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