Acqua Di Parma Futura: A Purpose-led Program To Celebrate & Preserve Nature, Culture & Art

Acqua di Parma is amplifying its company purpose with the launch of Acqua di Parma Futura, a program designed within the framework of the LVMH LIFE initiative, to preserve nature, culture and art for generations to come.
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Acqua di Parma was founded with the purpose to perpetuate the all-Italian Arte di Vivere, a mission the Maison has been pursuing since 1916 and is now amplifying with the launch of Acqua di Parma Futura - a program which brings together the initiatives and commitments undertaken by the company in a comprehensive plan designed to maximize its positive impact on the environment and society.

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The plan, manifestation of a century-old attention to artisanal traditions and natural materials which have defined the work of Acqua di Parma, is also a more affirmative step in a long-term journey laid out by the Maison within the framework of the LVMH Life Program. A strategic and systemic move for Acqua di Parma, motivated by a deeper understanding of the essential responsibility that comes with its purpose.

“Today more than ever before, we are aware that our success in keeping alive everything we love about Italy - nature, culture and art - is conditional on our

capability to celebrate it and preserve it for generations to come”.

- Laura Burdese, CEO and President of Acqua di Parma



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An awareness which the Acqua di Parma Futura program expresses through a holistic roadmap for the Maison, defined by five key areas of action: Products, People, Climate, Processes and Community, a segment dedicated to igniting social welfare. Common ground for these five pillars is a genuine attention to inclusivity, as initiatives are designed to engage stakeholders in full transparency, accountability and clarity - from product to operations.


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Starting with the Products which have, through the years, been the embodiment of Acqua di Parma’s love-relationship with Italy and its culture. In an effort to improve in this area the Maison has undertaken important steps forward, challenging itself to use less and better materials by design and consider the full lifespan of the products. Relevant in this sense for example is the introduction of a screw pump for Colonia Pura, an impactful feature which makes it easier to separate it in its single components for recyclability, and the introduction of 100% recycled plastic for the company’s new Hotel Line.

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Achievements which are continuously evolving also thanks to the partners involved in the value chain: Acqua di Parma is working closely with its suppliers, the People, to ensure traditional artisanal methods are both preserved and innovated to comply with a renewed set of expectations along traceable value chains. On this note, to-date, 40% of first-line suppliers have been audited with the plan to reach 60% of them by 2020.

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Climate action has then been translated into operational investments to gradually ease the pressure on stressed planetary boundaries and reduce the carbon footprint of Acqua di Parma at all levels, from the way the products are manufactured, processed and delivered - bike deliveries are now available in the City of Milan - all the way to the management of key Processes - another focus area of the Acqua di Parma Futura initiative. The ISO 14001:2015 certification obtained by the Maison ensures that managerial and operational activities are being held accountable to effectively improve the environmental performance of the company and of its office locations over time.

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An effort extended to the design and management of all the Acqua di Parma’s Boutiques to come which, following the lead of the ones in Milan, Rome, Dubai and China - Shanghai, Nanjing Deji, Shenzen, Hangzhou, Chonginq, Guangzhou – will be equipped with less consuming led lighting systems. Milan and Rome are also provided with functional energy counters - a tool to easily measure the energy consumption of each boutique and engage the teams towards more efficient and responsible use of resources.

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The Community pillar includes those initiatives designed to give back, as for example the participation to MOVEMEN together with LILT (Italian League for Fight Against Cancer) to raise awareness for men on their health risks, or charity donations to Dynamo Camp to provide recreational therapy activities and workshops to seriously ill children and their families. In addition, some educational activities to invest in the Italian savoir-faire, such as the Diadema Academy to train a new generation of barbers, or the support to the PHD of Università Mediterranea - Faculty of Agriculture.

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Each milestone within the program leverages on the company’s heritage and purpose as inspiration for the adoption of always smarter policies, processes and products. Future goals include the gradual elimination of single use plastics and the introduction of a process engineered to empower customers to easily refill their empty perfume bottles. Research is also underway to design a system to re-collect and re-purpose the plastic of the packaging of the Hotel Line, catalyzing the rise of circular economy dynamics in the value chain.

“The Acqua di Parma Futura program is the natural expression of a purpose we have been dedicated to since 1916, but which we have been humbly inspired to evolve also to embrace the challenging age we live in” continues Laura Burdese. “It is the contemporary manifestation by Acqua di Parma of what makes the all-Italian lifestyle so vibrant - setting a path and a promise for its future preservation”.

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