Aesop and Iris van Herpen present Atlas Of Attraction for 2018 Christmas

This festive season, Aesop awakens the inner compass with Atlas Of Attraction, and we spoke to creative director Marsha Meredith about the special collaboration with Iris van Herpen.
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Ever wondered what is it about the year-end that drives us to embark on a journey to connect and explore? Aesop steps in to examine these attractions with four comprehensive gift kits for 2018-2019.

And for the first time, joining its traditional selections of beloved skin and body care is a special home kit comprising three much-loved formulations – Istros Aromatique Room Spray, Post-Poo Drops and Aesop Mouthwash.

A brand known for its meticulous attention to detail and thought-provoking storytelling, Aesop taps into the creative expertise of Dutch couturier Iris van Herpen to design the sleeves of the reusable amenity cases of each kit.

The result? Elegant coloured sleeves with Iris van Herpen’s customised graphic couture pattern, all inspired by the shifting contours in aerial views of rivers and landscapes.

Scroll down to check out the gift kits from Aesop Atlas Of Attraction:

1545543621685569 a curious connection
A Curious Connection

Body care for skin and senses, A Curious Connection pays homage to the magnetic pull of connection, from the galactic to the cellular with its aromatic yet gentle Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser and hydrating citrus-based Rind Concentrate Body Balm. The evocative graphic was handpicked for the sleeve of the kit to induce points of connection.

1545543622104474 contours of discovery
Contours Of Discovery

Contours Of Discovery touches on the humankind’s abiding appetite for exploration honouring a belief that new landscapes refresh the spirit in some way, leaving us transformed and replenished. This is represented by van Herpen’s rippling graphic that creates an illusion of movement as well as a quartet of bathroom staples including Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash and Balm, paired with Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser and Scrub.

1545543622719993 orbit of intention
Orbit Of Intention

Meanwhile, Orbit Of Intention’s trio skincare regimen of skin-polishing Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste, intensely replenishing Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque, and refreshing Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol acknowledges the capacity to transform our frame of mind from analytical to the creative. All portrayed by the kaleidoscopic graphic suggesting the brain’s ability to shift and change.

1545543623255164 the familiar horizon
The Familiar Horizon 

Lastly, The Familiar Horizon honours universal rhythms of migration, speaking to homeward journeys and animals who navigate by sun, stars and biological compass through a trio of home essentials for every address – the fragrant Post-Poo Drops and Istros Aromatique Room Spray alongside its refreshing, alcohol-free Mouthwash. All these sum up with van Herpen’s sinuous graphic that induces the swirling aerial formations of a starling flock.

And we spoke to creative director Marsha Meredith for a better insight on what goes on behind the development of the thematic gift kits and more.

What inspired the name of Atlas of Attraction?

Collectively named Atlas of Attraction, the kits celebrate why people are inevitably drawn to particular places, ideas or one another at the year end. It is a time to explore our inner impulses and attractions, so we hope to evoke in our customers a sense of propelled connection with the people, places and ideas they admire and value—all the elements that lie at their very core.


Why do you think people are more compelled to act on a feeling approaching the year end?

As the year end is a time for reflection and introspection, we tend to consider our loved ones as the pillars that centre us as we journey through the world. Aesop recognises the significance of the gifting season and endeavours to curate a selection of thoughtful gifts featuring our much-loved products, with a creative campaign theme to kick-start conversation and interaction during the festive season.

What is it like working alongside Iris van Herpen?

Just like Aesop, van Herpen is inspired by things outside her immediate industry, looking to nature, art, architecture, science and technology to inform her work.

From these shared interests, we exchanged creative ideas and inspirations to arrive at the Atlas of Attraction theme. The process was an absolute pleasure and our thoughts melded together quite seamlessly, and it was a privilege to witness the creativity and quality of thought from Iris in response to ours.

How did you decide on the products to match the distinctive narrative of each individual kit?

The customised couture patterns on the gift kit sleeves subtly allude to each kit narrative. Our home care range, The Familiar Horizon, honours universal rhythms of migration, homeward journeys and animals who navigate with the help of the sun and stars, and their biological compass, while skincare kit Orbit of Intention was conceived with the idea of nurturing rituals.


From last year’s The Enigmatic Mind to this year’s Atlas of Attraction, it is clear that Aesop is more than the product it sells. Why is meaningful storytelling so important for the brand?

Aesop is a thinking person’s brand. We have always gained inspiration from literature, film, theatre, music, food, architecture, science and technology, and delight in sharing our knowledge of these worlds with our customers around the world. With the gift-giving period, it is our sincere pleasure to share a new avenue of interest, be it from astronomy to poets, or scientific discoveries to art movements.

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