An Interview With Emma Allegretti, The Artist Behind The Illustrated Gucci Beauty Look

The Rome-based artist is best known for her captivating illustrations, which are defined by vivid hues and often accompanied by ironic captions
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Gucci Beauty has appointed Emma Allegretti to create a portfolio of artworks for the brand to address the current social climate we are facing. And here, we have a quick interview with the artist as she opens up about the inspiration behind her all-female characters, and how she tackles social issues through her art.

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Where do you find inspiration? Are your characters inspired by women you know?

Absolutely! I am constantly inspired by the women in my life, and also what surrounds me and how it feels.


You created a water-coloured world defined by female characters. Tell us why.

I find that working in watercolours adds depth to my illustrations, which perfectly reflects the depth of the female characters portrayed. It is also incredibly soothing to not stare at a screen and to focus wholly on the creation of my work.

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Was humour always a part of your work? How did it evolve?

Humour has always been a part of my life, I would say. I have always found it comforting to make light of certain situations, where appropriate. It seems to make things more manageable, and less overwhelming.


You often tackle contemporary social issues, what drives you to do that?

I cannot help but tackle what I find to be important. I want my illustrations to have a voice, and to speak about things that might be uncomfortable for some. In doing so, it will somehow give strength and reassurance to others.


Watch the full video by Emma Allegretti at the link below:

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