Beauty Queen Founded Cosmetics Brand, Mor Maman, Launches in the UAE

Israel’s first lip & cheek tint is now available for delivery in the UAE
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Introducing the latest beauty brand to reach the UAE. Mor Maman Cosmetics is an eponymous beauty brand founded by Israeli beauty queen, Mor Maman. Already known for their unique formulas and natural ingredients, this brand was first launched in 2019 and after just one year, the brand which produced Israel’s first lips & cheeks tint is now available to order in the UAE. Their diverse range of glowing cosmetic products are created to enhance natural beauty with minimal effort.

Founded by the 25-year-old beauty queen and entrepreneur, Mor Maman, has expanded her already international brand to deliver her wide selection of make-up products to the UAE market. Following the news of the UAE-Israel peace treaty, there has never been a better time for an Israeli brand to enter the beauty industry in the UAE. This timely arrival of Mor Maman Cosmetics will contribute to the rising demand of an industry that is expected to cross $3 billion by 2025*.

As the former Miss Israel 2014, Mor is passionate about supplying everyday women with a way to look their best with minimum effort. In a letter to her followers, Mor Maman tells the story of her brand: “It all started in 2017 when I became a partner at a leading cosmetics company in the States. That was where I started wanting to do something bigger myself. I started working on developing a new product, that soon became “Mer Rose” – the first tint in Israel. It was sold out the very evening it was launched. That was when I understood that I have to keep on going. My love for aesthetics, beauty and cosmetics brought me to start my own brand that’s based on a ‘feel-good’ atmosphere and a natural beauty ideal”.  “As a mother and woman who has an intense and busy life, I know how important self-care is, and how little time we have to address it. Which is why I developed a line of products that were made to make you look your best and at minimum effort. I hired the best experts in the country, and together, we created unique formulas that incorporate natural ingredients. So, it’s time to say goodbye to all those hours you’ve been wasting in front of the mirror (as if you have any time to spare). Because my goal is to help you put on your makeup quickly and easily”.

– Mor Maman, Founder.

Developed by leading professionals, Mor Maman cosmetics is home to a wide range of stunning makeup and beauty products inspired by her home in Paris, France. Their leading products include Israel’s first tint for lips and cheeks called: “Mer Rose”, along with their other fan favourites - “Magique sourcils” brows soap and the Booster de levre Lipstick selection. Continually, they have already released one beauty product for men and they are currently working on a Men’s collection.

With products that stand out, from easy application to stunning packaging, customers can be confident as they go about their day with Mor Maman on their side! Now shipping to the UAE, customers will receive their products within 10 days of placing their order.

For more information, go to their international store:

1609915772696140 package old new

“Mer Rose”

Approx 128 AED + Shipping

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Mer Rose is the first & original tint produced in Israel; this original lip & cheek tint started it all for Mor Maman cosmetics! Mer Rose is a cherry-shaded liquid pigment that gives a touch of colour to the lips and a natural radiance to the cheeks.

1609915800899865 magique sourcils brows set

“Magique Sourcils”

Approx 132 AED + Shipping

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As one of their bestselling products, Magique Sourcils is all about enhancing full and nourished brows. In just 60 seconds of application time, this magic brow kit has been designed to encourage growth and strengthen hair follicles with essential oils.

1609915861468790 booster de levre

“Booster de Levre”

Approx 128 AED + Shipping

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Booster de Lèvre is a lipstick enriched with shea butter, vitamins and natural oils and has been created to make lips supple and bright. Its formula containing Hydraulic acid, chili pepper and a dash of cinnamon, has also been designed to smoothen any wrinkles and give the lips that extra volume!

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