Carolina Herrera Has Introduced 212 VIP WINS

An energetic fragrance that celebrates sportsmanship
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Carolina Herrera champions courage with 212 VIP WINS (for her) and 212 VIP MEN WINS (for him), two refreshing and joyful fragrances that celebrate sportsmanship and the determination of youth. These two irreverent perfumes, conceived as a vegan vitamin cocktail, harness the most groundbreaking and powerful aspects of the 212 family and immerse us in a celebration of friendship, strength and triumph.

These are the same values that drive American football. Every match is an invitation to live the American dream, to lift yourself up after every fall and to fight for every victory. Carolina Herrera has captured the contagious atmosphere of dreams and belonging surrounding every game in her new fragrances. 212 VIP WINS’ goal is not to proclaim itself a perfume of victory, but to capture that mighty force that goes beyond the playing field and defines the American character. “We are all driven by the same thing: being able to be ourselves. Fighting for our beliefs is the only way of winning, regardless of how many times you lose or get rejected”, explains Carolina A. Herrera, Beauty Creative Director.

212 VIP WINS evokes the strength and nonconformity of a new generation that doesn’t give up easily. Restless and authentic youngsters like the dream team that Carolina Herrera has brought together for the 212 Heroes launch. Performer and trans rights activist Indya Moore, ‘Riverdale’ multi-talented star KJ Apa, and the sweetest and most natural top model, Taylor Hill, lead the gang. They have conquered the big screen and all the front covers, but behind their images lie inspiring stories of struggle, achievement and friendship.

Completing Carolina Herrera’s most incredible and charismatic team are the new faces of 212 Heroes. An influential group of personalities, impossible to pigeonhole: Betty’s enigmatic skateboarder, Rachelle Vinberg, athlete Aaron Wheelz, who has transformed his wheelchair into an extreme sport, or the model that is challenging the fashion industry’s standards, Tess McMillan. Because in order to break down walls and prejudice, as Carolina Herrera has always said, we need to stick together and play as a family.

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212 VIP WINS (for her) and 212 VIP MEN WINS (for him)

212 VIP WINS fragrances are full of vitality and freshness. The totally vegan formula, with green and citric notes, wraps us in energy and optimism. Emilie Coppermann, the perfumer renowned for her unconventional blends, lives up to her reputation with female fragrance 212 VIP WINS. An unrivaled, energetic statement that captivates from the start, where playful notes of mandarin and pomegranate join forces with the freshness of a vitamin-packed green smoothie. The sweetness of roses and the sophistication of violet leaves and iris blend together in an evocative floral heart, that leads to a sensual base of Queenwood, tonka beans and musk, in an authentic appeal of female empowerment.

Sensual and daring, male version 212 VIP MEN WINS, signed by perfumers Juliette Karagueuzoglou and Carlos Benaïm, intoxicates with its uninhibited, festive spirit. An olfactory journey that kicks off with a bold beginning, where the freshness of yuzu and basil blend together with spicy notes of mandarin orange and black pepper. At its heart, the pureness of lavender opens up to vegetal and exotic nuances of ingredients that are unusual in perfumery, such as kiwi and cucumber. The secret of its magnetism lies at its base, where the Sexy Skin accord unfolds its musky essence and blends with Tonka bean and Vetiver to complete an aromatic Fougère that endures long after the end of the match.

The new 212 VIP WINS bottles, a reinterpretation of the classic 212 VIP (2010) and 212 VIP MEN (2011), are dressed in a refreshing metallic green, which combines the aesthetics of American football with Carolina Herrera’s iconic silhouettes. The 212 VIP WINS capsule, an emblem of femininity and modernity, is reinvented in a vibrant metallic shape that gives it even more strength and personality. 212 VIP MEN WINS is housed in an avant-garde, monolithic bottle colored in an intense forest green that evokes the playing field. Two real trophies to reward the authenticity and courage of these new heroes.

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