Christian Dior Opens Tokyo Exhibition "Miss Dior: Love N' Roses"

The new exhibit, open June 7-16, follows the history of one of Dior's most iconic perfumes.
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"The idea was to imagine an exhibit about love."

From now until June 16th, Christian Dior Perfumes has opened an exhibition in Bat-su Art Gallery in Tokyo showcasing the history of their first perfume, Miss Dior. Created in 1947, Miss Dior is the “fragrance of a woman in love,” meant to capture the abandon and freedom of the throes of passion. Christian Dior’s Master Perfumer Francois Demachy, along with exhibition curator Laurence Benaim, participated in a Q&A surrounding the ethos of Miss Dior and what it means to the House.

“The idea was to imagine an exhibit about love,” Benaim said. “The love of Christian Dior for his sister, the love for the gardens, perfumes, and also the woman. It’s one of those very organic exhibitions where you can find dresses and perfumes, also the invisible smell of love.”


The exhibition was attended by celebrities including Akane Hotta, Emi Suzuki, and Mayuu Yokota. Attendees posed in front of a baby pink backdrop adorned with the signature square, bow-tied bottle stating, “Miss Dior: Love N’ Roses.” The exhibition itself is awash with shades of blush, although Miss Dior’s legacy precedes the trendy “millennial pink.”

In a featured video, Tokyo-based designer and Dior Men’s Jewelry Director Yoon Ambush can be seen touring the exhibition. Ambush’s first line for Dior Homme debuted in Paris this year in the 2019 Spring/Summer collection. AMBUSH is known for its androgynous streak and its markedly urban Japanese aesthetic, somewhat of a departure from the more traditionally feminine exhibition. Miss Dior bottles, complete with their signature bow, riddle the gallery space, which features original Dior designs and endless floral arrangements. When asked what element of Dior he seeks to hold true in each perfume, Demachy responded, “Florals.”

The new Miss Dior Eau De Parfum, developed by Demachy, leans heavily on rose scents and deep floral notes.

"I refined the florality of Miss Dior Eau de Parfum to render it sensual and suggestive,” Demachy states on the Dior website. “It had to burst like that feeling of falling head over heels. A declaration of love, to love!”

Although Miss Dior is a tribute to love and freedom, Benaim believes the essence of beauty according to House Dior lies in its reliance on civilization.

“When there is no civilization, there is no perfume, no seduction, there is no love,” Benaim said. “A small bit of perfume is an inspiration and a manifesto.”

Demachy followed up, asserting that for Dior, beauty is the starting point for something more.

“It's an inspiration,” Demachy said. “It’s the beginning of culture. Without beauty, there is only life.”

Natalie Portman is the current face of Miss Dior, and the new campaign asks us, “What would you do for love?” This exhibition might help you find your answer.


See the attendees below: 


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