Dior reinvents red lipstick with its new Ultra Care range

Blending timeless colour with targeted care is the clever idea behind the new lipstick from Dior. Named Ultra Care, this lipstick, which is scheduled for release later this month comes in a palette of 25 shades
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We couldn't be more excited that Dior has just announced a range of lipsticks that both care for the skin - and offer the perfect finish. Available in a range of 25 different shades of red, the lip colour is available in both lipstick and liquid form, providing different sensations on the lips, and matt or satin finishes. Even better, the new Dior Ultra Care is infused with camelina oil and jojoba derivative for perfectly hydrated lips. The camelina oil helps to nourish the lips while jojoba oil, on the other hand, helps to limit water loss, for perfectly hydrated lips.

The same is true of the liquid lip colours in the range too, where camelina and sweet almond oils are combined with shea butter and preserved thanks to the prowess of cold production. The signature Dior red is here reinterpreted for the Fall/Winter season.


3 ways to wear the new Dior Ultra Care lipstick according to Peter Philips, Director of Creation and Make-up Image at Dior

The shaded effect

shaded dior

The velvet effect

velvet dior

The matte effect

matt dior

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