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No matter our body shape, we're all in the same boat when it comes to cellulite. Here are some of our favourite celebrity tips for combatting cellulite:  

Victoria Beckham swears by anti-cellulite creams and lotions. His favourite? Karin Herzog silhouette cream, a draining and invigorating treatment based on vitamin B12 and green tea. 

Added to this, the former Spice Girl follows a very strict diet based on the principles of the alkaline diet. 

Karin Herzog, cream B12,

For Miranda Kerr, the secret lies in the dry body scrub. This scrub helps to remove dead cells, activate tissue regeneration, improve lymphatic function and blood circulation. 

Exfoliation is very effective for water-based cellulite (related to water retention), by reactivating the blood circulation, tissues are allowed to decongest and eliminate stored water. 

Fresh body scrub at Galeries Lafayette

Singer Jennifer Lopez strongly believes in the power of lecithin, a fat that can melt cellulite, and therefore chooses foods rich in lecithin (especially spinach) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, the singer often fills her salads with flaxseed, which is full of cellulite-fighting nutrition.

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