Dolce & Gabbana launches new Dolce Peony perfume

The sensual new perfume from Dolce & Gabbana is perfect for summer
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The iconic Italian fashion and beauty house Dolce & Gabbana has launched a new perfume for the season. The fresh, light and deliciously feminine scent is perfect for summertime 

It's the ideal travel companion if you're heading abroad over the warmer months too - working well for both the day and evening time. 

"The new Dolce Peony holds a distinctive name. The peony flower is a symbol of positive energy, a floral inspiration. It is filled with meaning – especially in Asia where it symbolizes luck, health and wealth, and brings honour to the family," said a spokesperson for the brand. "Dolce Peony brings this essence of lively positivity into a dazzling new fragrance: the fruity transparency of nashi pear and the sumptuous floral volume of peony are combined with woody patchouli, offering a sparkling signature to the still joyful Dolce spirit," the D&G spokesperson concluded. 




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