Five reasons we love the new season Dolce & Gabbana make up pieces

We want ALL of these under the tree this December.
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Next-level lips 

“For the Dolce&Gabbana woman, the lips represent passion and sensuality. They are essential to how she experiences, communicates and connects her world. With her lips she whispers and talks, she smiles and kisses, she tastes new flavours. Dolce&Gabbana’s Collection honours lips with its rich colours and silky, sensuous textures,” explains the team behind the range. 

Our picks: The Only One Luminous Colour Lipstick, Dolcissimo Matte Liquid Lipcolour; Dolce Matte Lipstick, Classic Cream Lipstick and Miss Sicily. 

Beautifully bronzed 

“Natural. Healthy. Luminous. Like a sun-drenched Sicilian getaway, Dolce&Gabbana Beauty’s Solar Glow Collection warms the skin and delights the senses, capturing the Italian woman’s enviable Mediterranean glow. The Mediterranean Glow Complex infuses the formulas with care and comfort. With a single application, Solar Glow’s lightweight, second-skin textures melt into the skin and the joyful fragrance imparts its bewitching signature,” explains the team.

Our picks: Solar Glow Ultra-Light Bronzing Powder and Solar Glow Universal Bronzing Drops.  

Natural beauty 

“For the Dolce&Gabbana woman, the complexion radiates healthy energy and warm inner life. The new Dolce&Gabbana Collection treats it to care-infused formulas that comfort, enhance and illuminate the natural complexion,” the beauty experts say.

Our picks: Secret Veil, and Gloriouskin.

Bellissimo blush

“The Dolce&Gabbana woman embraces and celebrates her emotions, including the subtle, healthy blush that comes naturally to her cheeks. The Dolce&Gabbana Collection has natural hues and lush textures take their inspiration from the Mediterranean’s flowers and blooms, offering endless ways to add a touch of healthy, radiant colour,” says the team at D&G

Our picks: Blush of Roses, Dolce Blush and Dolce Skin.

Windows to the soul

“The Dolce&Gabbana woman takes in the world with her eyes, and through her eyes the world can see her soul and her emotions. Whether her gaze is passionate, serious, playful, sparkling, thoughtful or joyous, the Dolce&Gabbana new eyes Collection intensifies the eyes and makes them even more sublime,” explains the Italian luxury house. 

Our picks: Intenseyes, Passioneyes, Felineyes

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