For All Eternity: Jake Gyllenhaal Is The New Face Of ETERNITY Calvin Klein

The new scent from Calvin Klein sets the standards for men's fragrances
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If one were to read a lad bible in the '80s about the true meaning of masculinity, it would point to aggressive activities - swigging bourbon by a flask, hunting animals, or indulging in watching football on the telly for hours at an end.  

What then did the first launch of ETERNITY Calvin Klein in '88 signify for the lad of the era? Well, it was that it is ok to talk about love or be intimate with his feelings. It was also ok to live multi-faceted lives: one could be a Wall Street banker in the day but choose to watch the ballet at night or successfully juggle the trio of being a father, son, and brother. 

Fast forward to three decades later when we seem to live in more troubling times, the 2.0 of the fragrance is still a gentle reminder that it is fine to live your best life - AKA, your most authentic self. 




Fragrance First 

The original Fougere essence - a manly concoction of oakmoss, lavender, and coumarin, a scent similar to freshly mown hay - still exists in the verdant green juice, but perfumer Pascal Gaurin has introduced three new ingredients inspired by his own taste. 

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Alluring sage on the first spritz provides a crisp freshness before drying down to a majestic cypress that germinates at the heart of the fragrance. After the bouquet of greens has settled, it blooms into an elegant suede note with earthy vetiver and floral orris. 




The Man Of The Hour

Eternity is described in the dictionary as "infinite or unending time", a concept that ETERNITY Calvin Klein upholds. Romance, love, intimacy, and commitment form the everlasting core pillars that, while not reflecting the now, is about the moments that last for all eternity. 

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If one remembers the iconic ETERNITY campaigns that date from the '80s to the present, he or she would remember the hallmarks that breathe life into the imagery - famous faces include Christy Turlington, Ed Burns, and Tobias Sorenson, a gritty black and white photo, and intimate moments between the cast. Jake Gyllenhaal is the latest face for the campaign where he is lensed in a black and white portrait - powerful and sophisticated, it mimics the bottle design and the scent it houses within.

The video campaign opens to a scene of crashing waves shot in iconic black and white, then continues the familial love story featuring intimate cherished moments seen through the eyes of the modern father. 






The Flacon

The virescent juice that is ETERNITY Calvin Klein is housed in an equally timeless bottle - the iconic bottle that dates three decades back. Housed in an outer pack that has been redesigned in a masculine brown to echo the scent itself - it brings to mind the woodiness in the latter. 






ETERNITY Calvin Klein is now available in most deparment stores. To join the conversation, the hashtag is #FORALLETERNITY

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