Henry Jacques presents limited edition Les Toupies 3

Henry Jacques presents the third and final chapter of its incredible Toupies collection.
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Henry Jacques Fanfan & Galileo, Photo: ©Alessandro Silvestri

A brand new launch by French Haute Parfumerie Henry Jacques, Fanfan & Galileo are the third and final perfumes in the striking, limited edition Les Toupies series. 

Les Toupies are a new addition to Henry Jacques’ rare collection of Masterpieces, a new story within its playful realm of emotions and storytelling. Les Toupies. The Spinning Tops. Exquisite flacons, always in pairs – similar in form yet entirely different – unlike anything perfumery has seen before. Playful and evocative, telling a story of many characters, many lives, many great romances.

Fanfan & Galileo are the most curved and rounded Toupies of them all. There is a certain swing to their personality, a natural marriage of exuberance and intimate emotions, a dreamt romance.

Galileo’s Patchouli notes are filled with strength and poetry. A European scent, manly yet tender that will never leave one in indifference. The Lavender and Italian Mandarin provide its youthful charms while Tobacco, Myrrh and Amber awake a decadent and luxurious side, a yearning for the many pleasures of life. 

Fanfan is soft, a touching fragrance, with a rare intensity. While the hint of Lavender weaves a subtle link with Galileo, Saffron and Rose Damascenia carry Fanfan beyond the seas. Despite its complex layers, Fafan remains a very Parisian perfume by nature, as graceful as it is unpretentious. 

Fanfan & Galileo are available in all Henry Jacques boutiques from mid December 2019. 

Fanfan is priced at AED 23,145, and Galileo at AED 31,370.

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