Hermès to launch skincare and makeup in 2020

You love the Birkins and Kellys (maybe scents too) but are you ready for a full Hermès beauty collection?
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The name Hermès has long been associated primarily with leather goods – all thanks to the Birkin – but some of us also love them for Hermès Parfums, the secondary line that focuses solely on fragrances.

But now, Hermès is set to take over the beauty world as it prepares itself for the launch of the first ever Hermès makeup and skincare collection come 2020. That's right, in just a year's time, you truly complete your Hermès lifestyle experience.

Fragrance aside, Hermès has had minimal venture into the beauty world with the exception of a scented body balm.

Aiming to become a global beauty brand, Hermès will add skincare and makeup to its beauty portfolio and also plans to use plastic-free packaging in its effort to be an eco-friendly beauty label.

In an interview with Business of Fashion, Hermès chief executive Axel Dumas says, "It’s quite exciting: It’s a new activity, with all the risks that involve, so we will deploy it progressively, initially in our own stores mainly, in a limited distribution so that we can learn."

So, what are your thoughts on it? Are you ready for an Hermès beauty makeover?

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